Our Approach

At Merkle | Periscopix we love to continuously learn and innovate using the technology available; it’s why we’ve won so many awards. The training programme was born from a desire to share our knowledge and skills with others, empowering brands to take part in their own digital transformation and equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed.

Our Trainers

You’ll be trained by the people that are winning the awards. Our trainers are running accounts… and they’re running them very well. They’re in the platforms daily and have relevant experiences and up-to-date knowledge to share. They are passionate about data and relish the chance to have a heated debate around feature benefits.

We invest in our people, and our trainers are no different. We believe that motivated and invested trainers are crucial for a successful and energised training session. All our trainers have been through a rigorous training development plan to understand the fundamentals of adult learning, learning styles and delivery methods.

Merkle | Periscopix Training

Our Courses

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to training a team. We work with your business needs to help find a solution and build a suitable programme off the back of the variety of courses and modules available. This will include initial scoping, with optional extras such as auditing, onboarding and strategic support. Take a look at a few of our training areas and get in touch if you’d like help creating a tailored agenda. We are happy to head to your offices to deliver the training, or you can come to ours.

Pricing is based on the number of training modules selected within the package, number of course participants, any additional services required (auditing, onboarding, strategic consultancy), and trainer travel/accommodation if applicable.

Merkle | Periscopix Training

Our Mission

We want participants to come away feeling excited by the opportunities that digital provides for their business, and ready to action change. It’s a behavioural shift that is made through active participation and questioning during our sessions.

Learning certainly doesn’t stop when you leave the training room. Digital is fast-paced and, as an agency, we are having to continually adapt to stay ahead of the curve. After training with us, we want to ensure your brand is evolving too. Check out our alternative services that can develop your digital maturity or develop a training roadmap with one of the team to maintain up-to-date skills.

Design and book your training today.

A Few Happy Clients

“The sessions have been clear, concise, and above all enjoyable with many colleagues commenting on how beneficial it has been for them. Spreading awareness and understanding within the business has been a priority and I feel we have begun to achieve this challenging goal by running these sessions.”

“The training covered a great range of topics in sufficient detail, and the interactive content allowed us to apply the learning to our business.​ It was well tailored to our daily tasks, providing us with the ideas to enhance our set-up. The trainer was well-versed in the topics and was happy to answer any questions."​

Course Details

Digital Strategy 101

No matter what stage of the digital journey, invest in moving your marketing strategy forward with this module. Explore the processes required for your business at the planning stage, exploring the industry's key trends and tools.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Components of an effective Digital Strategy
  • Building and Executing an effective Digital Strategy

Read the full course detail here:

Digital Forecasting

An introduction into data-driven approaches to media forecasting. Making informed decisions on budget allocation is an essential task for any marketing team; learn how to tackle the challenge head on with one of our expert media scientists.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Single-Channel
    • Look at the strategic approaches to media forecasting, ensuring that data-collection is clean and consistent.
    • Analyse the data to make informed decision on optimum spend allocation by channel.
    • Explore the impact of single-channel forecasting based on funnel stage.
  • Cross-Channel
    • Discover the limitations to cross-channel forecasting.
    • Using our internal framework for forecasting, learn how to manipulate the data to predict media performance.
  • Adding the Human Element
    • Look at the options for ‘scenario planning’, understanding how performance can be impacted by an increase/decrease in budget, attribution modelling and seasonality.
    • Understand how data-driven forecasting can be enhanced using the ‘human touch’.

Read the full course detail here:

  • Analytics Training

    Whichever analytics tool you are skilling up on, the aim is that each team leaves our training course knowing how to analyse the performance of their digital content or marketing. Find out more about the analytics modules available.

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  • Attribution Training

    We have seen the attribution landscape drastically change in recent years. Discover more about our attribution training programmes and how they can benefit your business decision-making.

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  • Audiences/DMP Training

    We can offer you customised training in deciding to get a DMP, choosing the right one, putting it to use, and getting the best out of it. Find out more here!

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  • Creative Training

    We understand that sometimes clients want to in-house creative (or just want to become more savvy), and we need to be there to support them regardless of organisation size or complexity.

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  • CRO Training

    Training by our seasoned experts in CRO, helping turn existing visitors into customers. Our training sessions cover topics from data-driven optimisation methodologies, to consultancy on how to ensure your business has the right people, process, technology and mindset for a successful programme.

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  • Paid Search Training

    Our Paid Search training will provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently design, create and manage successful campaigns and to realise the value of this key channel.

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  • Paid Social Training

    We've built a training programme focused on introducing you to all areas of Paid Social, from campaign planning all the way to measurement and optimisation. Explore our modules on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more!

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  • Programmatic Training

    We’ve built hands-on training courses to support you in one of the fastest growing areas within digital. Learn how to deliver successful display, video, and audio campaigns here!

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  • Scripts Training

    Our bespoke programme will help trainees leverage the powerful potential of Google Ads Scripts to maximise efficiency and innovation within their campaigns. Learn more about how your business can automate campaign delivery.

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  • SEO Training

    We have created a refined series of sessions delivered by our SEO seasoned experts. Our training programme will help you approach SEO in the best way for your business and assist you in garnering exceptional results.

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  • Bespoke Training

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