We have one of the largest qualified teams of Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Search Ads 360 (DoubleClick Search) and Bing Ads search geeks in the UK. As part of Merkle we also have teams across the USA, China and the Middle East. Our people are our biggest asset and the best in the business with detailed knowledge of every industry.

Detail is key to our approach. A perfectly structured campaign improves performance every step of the way. Extreme granularity means we can see results and optimise on a much finer basis, squeezing every last drop of performance out of the campaign.

Account Experience

Our PPC campaign management is a collaborative process. Your account team will work to create, optimise and continuously improve your campaigns. In every case, campaigns will go through reviews by different people at each stage of the build and optimisation process. Reviews happen at regular intervals to make sure we deliver the best possible service and performance no matter how long the campaigns have been active.

A happy client

"We approached Merkle | Periscopix at a really exciting point in our company's growth - we were really good at reaching our offline audience and looking to brush up on our digital presence, specifically in the paid search results. Our account managers have worked wonders and we're seeing a huge return from our investment in online advertising. As a result, Merkle | Periscopix actually assist our purchasing department in determining what stock to buy in. PPC is now considered a serious acquisition channel and has gained the respect of the whole team including the MD and our investors.”

Google love us!

We have a great relationship with the search engines which gives us many benefits including:

  • Dedicated and priority support
  • Our own Google and Bing account managers for large accounts
  • Access to exclusive alphas and betas - keep ahead of your competitors!
  • Industry data, insights and competitor benchmarking

Our relationship with Google is so strong that they have appointed us as an official Channel Partner in the UK.

All of our account managers keep bang up to date with the latest search trends and features. In fact, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of pay per click management, usually being the first to test out new Google features before they are released to other agencies and to the public.

Regular training, forums, workshops and brainstorming sessions keep all our account managers at the top of their game, constantly learning and thinking about new ways to eke out that extra bit of performance for their clients.

Case Studies


Hobbycraft had been investing in PPC for a while, but spend was minimal, everything was automated, coverage was limited and conversions were being double counted. When they were told that digital spend was going to be seriously ramped up in the run up to Christmas, the challenge went to us to rebuild the account from the ground up. By using inventory feed campaigns, Google Shopping and analysing Hobbycraft's upper funnel activity, we have increased transactions by 420.57% leading to a 491.78% increase in revenue.

Read the full case study here


By encompassing both Search and Display, and creating a granular account structure we were able to surpass the goals set for us by Oasis. We increased year on year revenue by 76%, decreased spend by 89% and increased ROI by 2500% to 52:1!

Read the full case study here

A word about culture

It sounds odd, but we believe our culture is a big part of what makes our account performance so strong. We've got one big open plan room full of geeks running campaigns for some of the most exciting brands around. We are constantly sharing ideas with each other, setting up new experiments, and competing to have the most clients trying out secret new Beta features from Google.

They love their work and enjoy creating a special company to work for. In turn, this means you get a happy, motivated, smart account manager to look after you and manage your accounts.

We think our team is awesome. We think you will too. Meet them all here.

We're hiring - check out our careers page to learn more!

Some of our happy clients

  • Insureandgo
  • Knight Frank
  • Mulberry
  • The Body Shop