What is it?

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is Google’s advanced search management platform, previously known as DoubleClick Search. The platform comes with a range of tools designed to help advertisers take their search campaigns to the next level through time-saving, advanced measurement and optimisation, and reduced complexity.

Key Benefits

Engine Compatibility

One of the key benefits of SA360 is that it allows you to bring multiple search engines and accounts in to one platform. Advertisers can report and optimise their Google Ads, Bing Ads, Baidu and Yahoo! Japan accounts all in one place. The intuitive UI allows for clear measurement between accounts, and straightforward optimisation at scale. Advertisers can use the native floodlight tracking to use a single pixel across all engine accounts, giving you more accurate measurement as well as de-duplication across engines.

Bid Management

SA360’s bid management tool uses complex algorithmic bidding to achieve your conversion goals. It is highly flexible and allows bidding towards different goal types, engine accounts, custom metrics and a host of attribution models, including SA360’s own Data Driven Attribution Model. Not only will the bidding tools optimise keyword and product group level bids, but device, RLSA and location adjustments can all be automated within a single, holistic bidding strategy. Additionally, there are features that allow you to apply bid strategies based on budgets and spend constraints, meaning you won’t need to worry about overspends as a result of applying a bit strategy. SA360’s bid management will not only save you time but make data driven changes at a scale not possible through human management.

Automation & Reporting

Keep your accounts in order with automated rules to control everything from campaign activation and keyword labelling to performance anomaly alerts and bid strategy application. Formula columns allow you to create in depth custom metrics to surface data as you want to see it, whilst features such as pre-saved views, custom attribution columns and a host of additional segments and dimensions allow advertisers to analyse their data in even greater detail.

 In terms of reporting tools, SA360 has it covered. Utilise web query reports for automated downloads into Excel dashboards for in depth analysis or create visually appealing Executive report dashboards to give key stakeholders a clear overview of top level performance in an easily shareable format. SA360 also integrates natively with Google’s Data Studio, allowing you to create highly-customisable reports from campaign level, all the way down to keyword level.

 Finally, SA360 has the capability to integrate social activity for reporting. You can pick up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter data in the SA360 UI, and floodlight conversions will be attributed to these channels accordingly. 

Inventory Management

All advertisers, e-commerce or not, can create hugely scalable search campaigns using the enhanced inventory management tool. Plug in your feed to SA360 and use a host of templates and functions to create vast campaigns at scale, with dynamic attributes that will ensure you still deliver the most relevant message to your user. Inventory management will build out new entities as they enter your feed and pause objects that leave, to ensure your coverage is as up to date as it can be. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how users have leveraged this immensely powerful tool to deliver extraordinary results.

Business Data

Use learnings and key information from within your own business to drive insights and automation. Business data can be used to segment and splice reports suited to your business but perhaps not as applicable to your complex search campaign structure. For campaign management, business data can be used to automate actions in SA360 and by integrating with inventory management feeds, business data can be dynamically changed to alter your campaigns as your business demands.

Integration & Attribution

SA360 sits within the wider Google Marketing Platform (GMP) stack, which allows reporting and attribution to be taken to the next level. SA360 works in harmony with Display & Video 360, giving you a more holistic view of digital performance, allowing you to make smarter decisions around bidding and budget allocation. SA360 can also be linked to both Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360, which can further enhance reporting and measurement.

Both SA360 and Campaign Manager allow you to view your data through a wide variety of attribution models, and then use these models in your reporting. SA360 also has the capability to show data from different attribution models side-by-side, making it easier to draw insights on the impact of certain models.

Some of our happy clients

  • The Body Shop
  • Tesco
  • B&Q
  • Reed.co.uk
  • Sky
  • Oak Furniture Land
  • Emirates
  • Debenhams

Want to know more?

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