At Merkle | Periscopix we love extra control. We love detail. The more aspects of a PPC campaign we have control over, the more scope we have for improving performance. Which is why we love Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. RLSA (Google love a good acronym) allows us to make changes to our paid search campaigns based on how users have interacted with our website.

How can we use RLSA?

We can create lots of clever strategies with remarketing on the Google Display Network, and with RLSA we can create similar strategies for our search campaigns. And we don't need to rely on guesswork. Before we even make any bid changes or ad copy adjustments we can look at the data. Do returning visitors convert better than new visitors? (Yes? Then lets bid more aggressively for these people). Do people who have abandoned their checkout baskets search again for the same products? (Yes? Then lets highlight our USPs or show them a discount offer to encourage them to return and purchase). Do people who have been referred from Twitter convert better than those who have been referred from Facebook? (No? Then lets reduce our bids for these people).

RLSA gives us an extra layer of insight into visitor performance, and crucially, an extra level of control. This allows us to use the bidding strategies and ad copy most likely to bring in the sales.

Case study

Cath Kidston

When Cath Kidston opened her first shop in Notting Hill, London, little did she know that within 20 years her company would become a retail powerhouse. With the brand's popularity continuing to grow, the well-known retailer sought our help to increase overall PPC revenue and achieve an ROI of £10.60 : £1 over the Christmas season. By implementing a strategy which relied heavily on remarketing, we delivered Cath Kidston's best Christmas results to date: 46% increase in revenue and an ROI of £18.70.

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One of our objectives for Warehouse was to increase sales using generic keywords while maintaining a positive ROI (something that had never been accomplished by previous agencies). Our strategy was to steer clear of traditional search and opt instead for an RLSA campaign. This allowed us to compete with a lower CPC and helped us to increase conversions by 51% with an overall ROI of 53:1.

Read the full case study here

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