Introducing Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads are created as part of Shopping campaigns and allow us to build individual product ads directly from your product inventory feed. These will not just appear in the Shopping section of Google, but also on the main search engine results page, often above normal text ads.

Google Shopping

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Campaign structure, optimisation and custom bidding strategies will play a large part in how successful your Shopping campaigns are. Merkle | Periscopix can manage your PLAs to ensure your listings are seen by as many people as possible and to maximise ROI for each individual product.

We will create an optimal bid strategy based on your goals, margins and product performance. The quality of the product feed plays a big part in ad ranking, so we will also help you to optimise your feed for maximum visibility across a wide range of relevant search terms.

Case studies

Sigma Sport

Having conquered the offline customer experience, Sigma Sport came to us looking to rapidly expand their paid search activity as they looked to expand their online offering. We were charged with targeting both of these audiences with ads that covered the full breadth of Sigma Sport's 20,000 product strong inventory, with the overall aim of returning £10 for every £1 spent. Since taking over in March 2014, ROI has increased 109%, peaking at 19.37 in March 2015.

Read the full case study here

APL Express

We worked with APL to build a Google Merchant Center feed for their full range of products. We created a Google Shopping campaign and gathered insights to further optimise their product feed. This work helped to significantly improve conversion rates across APL's entire search account with the end result being that year on year conversions increased by 322%.

Read the full case study here

Local PLAs

We were the first agency in the UK to use the new Local PLA format which allow users to find items that are in stock near their current location.

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