Google Shopping campaigns, controlled largely by a client’s feed, have really become a focus area for Google since the switch from product listing ads (PLAs) in 2014. Every month it seems Google is releasing new updates to the format to put the best products in front of the right users.

Google Shopping Dresses

That’s why our team of internal feed specialists pride themselves on staying up to date with the latest of what Google, Bing & DoubleClick have to offer.

But what sort of feed optimisation service do you need?

We understand that there are pretty much as many types of feed as there are websites, and with this in mind we know that a single feed optimisation service will will not always suit all of them. Instead we have developed three specific offerings, at least one of which should always be suitable for you, no matter what your size.

Feed Audit

Are you a relatively small business with control over the format and generation of your current feed, and with a fair amount of developer capacity? Well, this is the best option for you. Send us your current feed and we will provide a full audit of what we think you should change and update in it in order for it to perform as best as it can in Google, Bing or for DoubleClick Inventory Management.

Feed Update

The above almost sounds like you, but your developer capacity isn’t quite as free as you would like. Not to fear, this is the option for you. Rather than just providing a full audit, in this scenario we we would make offline changes to your feed ourselves, and then you can use that offline document to sync with your current feed. But what about your new products? Again, not to worry. After the initial feed update, we can offer a booster pack to bundle new products together and get them up to scratch on a rolling basis.

Full Feed Optimisation

Are you are larger business with a high rate of product turn over? Or maybe you don’t currently have much control over how your feed is generated. This will be the best option for you. Our monthly feed optimisation service will take your feed in the format that it currently stands and run it through a feed optimisation platform where we can mould the live feed that comes out the other end.

If it sounds to you like any of these options could help your business, why not give us a call and we can go through a basic feed audit to show you the value we can offer.

APL Packaging

APL packaging tasked us with improving the performance of their Google Shopping campaigns. We helped them to build a Merchant Center Feed to pull APL's whole product range into the Shopping results. The results were fantastic, with a 322% increase in Shopping conversions. Working with APL to improve the product descriptions and images on their site also helped to significantly improve conversion rates across the whole search account, highlighting how important it is to have a well thought out, quality product feed.

read the full case study here

Already happy with your product feed?

Great! But luckily for you that is not the end of it. Why not give us a ring and ask about the market leading work we’ve been doing adapting product feeds for Google Marketing Platform and see how that could inject even more life into your search campaigns on top of your shopping ones.