Selling on Amazon opens up a vast well of potential sales from customers who most likely aren't shopping for your products outside of the platform. With more than 37 million monthly visitors in the UK alone generating traffic isn't a concern - target the right users at the right price and results will follow.

What kinds of ads can we serve on Amazon?

Sponsored Products

Probably the most familiar Amazon ad format, Sponsored Product ads appear in amongst organic search listings differentiated only by an understated ‘Sponsored’ label. Targeting is defined at keyword level and costs are only incurred when a user clicks through the ad, after which they are landed on the relevant product page. This campaign type forms the backbone of many of our clients’ strategies, driving a strong return at scale.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Headline Search

This format offers a little more scope for creativity as well as the opportunity to establish a strong presence in your category of choice. Ads are made up of a headline, brand image and carousel of selected product images, appearing directly below the search bar. Want to ‘own’ a particular corner of Amazon or shout about USPs? Headline Search will be central to driving brand awareness.

Amazon Headline Search Ads

Product Display

Unlike the previous two formats, Product Display ads do not require keywords and are instead targeted by product or broader interest category – meaning they have more in common with ad types served through AAP (Amazon Advertising Platform). Target complementary or competitor product detail pages that prospective customers are viewing to drive both brand and product awareness.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Expert Help

With a well thought out campaign structure in place we're not only able to optimise keyword bids, but also track the top performing search themes, creative formats and product areas to continually drive efficiencies from your ad spend. Whether brand presence or ROI, we'll tailor activity around your goals and provide transparent measurement of results in close collaboration with our Amazon counterparts. Contact us today to get started!