Run on exchanges, RTB offers inventory of 800m+ unique URLs along with premium publisher content, video and mobile inventory, and social network exchange reach. Best of all, every ad served is done so on a bidding auction, removing the need to waste valuable advertising spend on targeting users who aren't interested in your products or services.

The RTB auction

Real time bidding

Real time bidding does what it says on the tin. This function allows us to bid for placements the instant they become available for auction. As soon as a user visits a webpage the exchange announces to the bid manager of the available impression to bid on. The bid manager considers the targeting methods the advertiser is interested in, and if there's a match will bid what the advertiser values worthy for that placement and/or audience. The winning exchange then serves an ad to the appropriate audience. This entire process takes place in just 100 milliseconds which has changed the display advertising game.

CMC Markets

"Merkle | Periscopix are proactive, very responsive to emails, knowledgeable on everything with great attention to detail. Real-time bidding with Merkle | Periscopix is going well and has a much better CPA than our conventional impression buying display campaigns."

Focus on targeting

Targeting based on key indicators of interest allows us to evolve and optimise based on true conversion data in real time. Critical to the success of any RTB campaign is how user interest is targeted, and this is our focus. Through the use of audience targeting, the inclusion of external data sets, lookalike modelling and the remarketing cookie, targeting based on the highest level intent can be achieved via RTB display.

We realise this may sound slightly complicated but we'd be happy to explain it to you in more detail!

Case Studies

OVO Energy

OVO tasked us with delivering an ongoing campaign which would be innovative, reactive to changes in the market, and able to deal with new products and services throughout the year. We suggested OVO Energy consider a fully integrated campaign across both Programmatic and PPC. The logic being we could tie up the user purchasing funnel and drive high quality traffic to the OVO website. Through hands-on management and optimisation, our award-winning campaign increased clicks by 275% and conversions by 78%.

Read the full case study here

World First

2014 saw ambitious growth targets for World First. We knew that Search alone could not deliver the volume, so we looked to implement a UK Programmatic strategy, our key objective being to utilise programmatic display to enhance our online presence whilst employing Search to support and qualify the anticipated increase in volume. By creating an integrated strategy across both Search & Programmatic, we have increased in-month profit by 125% whilst reducing CPA by 12%.

Read the full case study here

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