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Mobile display ad

When planning your programmatic media budgets, have you given a thought to mobile? Mobile has been growing as an inventory source year on year and it’s becoming now, more than ever before, an integral part of advertisers’ media plans.

The statistics speak for themselves; advertisers in the UK spent 43% of their digital display budget on mobile in 2015 – up from just 34% in 2014. People now spend on average 1 hour and 45 minutes a day on their devices and portable devices are the primary access point for using the Internet. Finally, in 2016 the average UK household owns 8.3 connected devices. So if you’re not yet running on mobile and want to dive into a mobile display strategy, we can help you get started.

What can we do?

Whatever your goals for mobile, whether that be promoting your app, generating brand awareness or driving traffic to your mobile website, our specialists can devise a unique strategy to reach your targets and drive performance. We can also advise on where to start in terms of creating mobile specific creatives and how to set up tracking for your app or mobile site.


When embarking on a mobile display strategy it’s important to take into account all elements that play a role in a mobile specific campaign, including tracking implementation, creative strategy and targeting.

Tracking will be the first thing to get set up so that you can see the effect that your mobile campaigns are having. We can advise on the best tracking solution for you and the best way to report on performance.

You’ll then want to get thinking about mobile creatives. Do you want to drive brand awareness with high impact mobile video? Do you want to tailor your creative messaging based on a user’s location? Do you want to engage with users using interactive rich media creatives? These are the sorts of things you may want to think about when planning a mobile strategy. We can explain the options you have available and discuss the best creative strategy to use for your mobile campaign.

Finally, you’ll want to start planning who you’re going to target and how to reach them. With DoubleClick Bid Manager we have bespoke targeting capabilities unique to mobile campaigns, from targeting users based on their geo-location and proximity to your business to targeting specific in app and mobile web content as well as relevant 3rd party data audience lists. The opportunities are endless!

Expert help

With our specialists’ knowledge and recommendations we can create a bespoke mobile campaign strategy, unique for your business goals to reach your consumers wherever they are, on all devices. So get in touch today!