Most publishers engage with programmatic display to some level, and adoption is continuing to grow. Advertisers' realisation that a move from traditional reservation display to programmatic and real-time bidding has a massive impact on efficiency and performance means publishers who don't offer some of their content programmatically will be left behind. Our access to exchanges and inventory is growing by the day.

Running real-time bidding campaigns allows us to bid for inventory on 800m+ websites. This means the opportunity for us to discover unique and exciting inventory will probably never expire. By using 1st and 3rd party data, the inventory itself is sometimes less important, meaning CPMs don't have to be sky-high to achieve great reach and performance from a display campaign. We have access to Google's Display Network and affinity segments along with other fantastic exchanges like Rubicon, Facebook and Yahoo Ad Exchange.

Some of our happy clients

  • Legal & General
  • Ovo Energy
  • Start Up Loans

Private marketplaces

Private marketplace deals (PMPs) can be a fantastic addition to both branding and direct response display campaigns. We have relationships with hundreds of premium publishers, meaning we can arrange private marketplace deals for our clients, giving us the option to enter a smaller select option for premium publisher inventory. This give us the best of both worlds, access to high-exposure, premium content, with the flexibility of an auction and no commitment to spend.

Publishers are often willing to grant access to their own custom 1st party data segments for PMP advertisers to overlay with content targeting, meaning we can bid for this premium content only when the most appropriate audiences are available.

Video exchanges

Periscopix YouTube One Channel

RTB is not just limited to standard creative and inventory, we also have a huge reach for video content. YouTube is the biggest exchange but we also have access to BrightRoll, LiveRail and Video PMPs. Programmatic video can be great for supporting television campaigns but can also drive performance in their own right. Taking the data-driven approach to video just as we do the rest of our campaigns means we get results whatever the goal.