Amazon advertising platform (AAP) is the only place to buy Amazon’s unique inventory, as well as providing access their unique data sets for targeting. This can provide unique value for display advertising and drive real results for all types of clients.

What inventory can be bought through AAP?

According to Alexa (Alexa Internet that is… not to be confused with Amazon’s Alexa…), Amazon is the 10th most popular site in the world! Meaning that Amazon’s own site has a huge audience. This isn’t the only place that Amazon ads can serve though. Other environments include:

  • The open exchange – access to all the normal programmatic inventory but with the power of Amazon data overlaid
  • Other Amazon owned and operated sites including IMDB (this can only be accessed programmatically through AAP)
  • Premium publisher environments through Amazon’s direct header integrations

Remember, we can overlay Amazon 1st party data in all of these places to reach the best audiences in the best environments.

Advert example on (Amazon's Owned and Operated site):

Amazon AAP ad example

Example 3rd Party Creative and Dynamic Ecommerce Display Ad:

Example Amazon AAP display ads

What types of data can Amazon provide?

Amazon has some of the richest first-party data available, stretching to include extremely valuable past purchase and intent data, which encompasses every stage of the purchase funnel. Amazon’s first party data can be broken into three segments:

  • Lifestyle - including users who show an affinity around certain products and product categories
  • In-market - users have shown intent to purchase certain items
  • Custom segments - built around whatever the specific needs of an advertiser may be

The ability to layer these audiences against programmatic advertising has created the next generation of cost effective and relevant online advertising through AAP.

Expert Help

We are experts in using AAP as well as navigating the rest of the Amazon media landscape (read about our Search offering here).  We can advise on the best Amazon strategy for you and execute this, with data at the core, to drive real performance. Contact us today to get started!