What is it?

DoubleClick Search is a search management platform where advertisers can efficiently manage all their search campaigns across multiple engine accounts in one easy-to-use UI. DS saves time, reduces complexity, and provides advanced features and tools that ultimately help increase return on investment (ROI) for search marketers.

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The details:

The Home for Your Engine Accounts:

DS allows multiple accounts to be managed from one interface. Advertisers can report on and optimise their AdWords, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo Japan accounts from one place. This can revolutionise the way Search accounts are managed as it makes adding, pausing or activating parts of any account very easy at the same time. It enables advertisers to add negative keywords, make bid adjustments, automate bid strategies and create landing page tests to name just a few of the time saving features. This takes away the time that is spent switching between interfaces to make decisions and changes and allows marketers to focus on more strategic planning.

Smart Bid Management System:

Not only does DS increase the efficiency of account management, it also offers incredible opportunities to optimise search activity using advanced bid strategy algorithms. DS allows account managers to set up DS automated bid strategies that work towards specific campaign goals, whether it be conversions, revenue, keyword position or a combination of customised metrics. These machine learning algorithms are constantly evolving - giving advertisers the best chance to build a successful search campaign that’s unique to their goals.

Faster, Robust Administration and Reporting:

It's simple to make changes outside of the bid strategies too with the use of formula columns, advanced rules and keyword-level labelling. DS conversion data is in real time which means optimisation can be applied instantly. Not only does it help with efficient management but it can also enhance reporting and data gathering. One key feature is the fantastic reporting facilities available, for example: DS updates reports every fifteen minutes and gives the option to include net profits by importing spend outside of paid search. There are also attractive executive reports to provide a snapshot of the account performance or more detail as it’s needed. They look great and update automatically so no more downloading to Excel and getting stuck into pivot charts.

Integration and Attribution:

DS is part of the DoubleClick suite and employing all of the stack can take reporting and attribution to the next level. DS plugs seamlessly into DoubleClick Campaign Manager (a platform that can track all marketing activity and attribution analysis) DoubleClick Bid Manager (a platform to run display), Google Analytics 360, DoubleClick Studio (to run interactive ads amongst other things) and GTM (Google Tag Manager). Whole stack advantages include:

  • Counting all conversions in the same way across all marketing efforts – no discrepancy issues.
  • De-duplicating conversions. No need to have two channels claiming one conversion (e.g. say someone clicked on a display conversion and a paid search ad, instead of having both channels reporting one conversion it provides the real picture, reporting exactly what journey each user had).
  • Seeing organic, search and display impressions all in one interface almost by default. No hassle with setup!

Some of our happy DS clients

  • Feelunique
  • Party Delights
  • Roast
  • TUI Group

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