What is it?

DoubleClick Bid Manager is Google’s Demand Side Platform (DSP), where advertisers can organise and streamline all of their programmatic buying options. With precise targeting capabilities, sophisticated brand safety filters, industry-leading fraud protection and frontline reporting, DBM really makes the difference to programmatic campaign management.

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)

The details:


DBM has access to more than 80 Ad Exchanges and over 900 million websites. You can be as broad or as specific with your ad targeting as you want. Finding existing and new website customers based on demographics, interests and purchase intent is a very straightforward task with DBM. Advertisers can also overlay additional targeting options such as device, environment, page context or page category. With access to 35 third party data providers plus Google’s audience data, reaching the right people has never been easier.

Buying Options:

DBM advertisers can choose from a range of programmatic buying options, including programmatic guaranteed, direct deals, and open exchange. Marketplace in DoubleClick Bid Manager lets you plan, discover and buy premium media, all from one simple interface. DBM is also the only DSP that allows access to buy video inventory on YouTube and pay per view with TrueView.

Reporting & Optimisation:

When it comes to reporting and optimisation, DBM offers more than 35 dimensions and around 50 metrics, that's without counting the extra 15 metrics available for video campaigns. This basically means advertisers have total visibility of what's going on with their programmatic campaigns with complete transparency on ad placement, performance and cost.


You will be able to see the number of impressions, clicks and conversions on all the websites where your ads are appearing.


With more than 20 types of reports available in DBM, the combination of metrics is almost limitless. Advertisers can find an answer to any question by pulling the right report; do you want to have a breakdown between post-click and post-view conversions? What about how each creative or device is performing? Or maybe understand the value of each targeting method? With DBM, you have it all.


There are a few fees that need to be taken into consideration when running programmatic campaigns via any DSP, but DoubleClick Bid Manager is so transparent and user friendly that advertisers are able to see all costs and fees within two clicks.


DBM plugs seamlessly into DoubleClick Campaign Manager (the ad server) and Google Analytics 360 (GA360). Advertisers can also sync over their remarketing audiences from AdWords and YouTube. This has a world of benefits including:

  • Creating clever remarketing lists in GA360 which link seamlessly to DBM, allowing advertisers to target those audiences in DBM straight away.
  • Understanding the quality of the traffic programmatic campaigns send to your website using GA360 data.
  • De-duplicating conversions via DCM. Aligning DBM with the rest of the DoubleClick Stack allows for full visibility of conversion credit.
  • Running a complex creative strategy in DCM and syncing that over to DBM seamlessly - no hassle with setup!

Want to know more? 

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