What is it?

Studio (previously known as DoubleClick Studio) is Google’s Creative Solutions Platform, where advertisers can build, innovate and manage their creatives. Whether creative developers want to build HTML5 from scratch or designers wants to focus on the branding and leave the coding to Google, Studio provides a seamless creative solution.

The options:


Layouts are handy pre-coded creative templates that allow rich media ads to be built in a matter of minutes. Choose from a range of formats, whether that be by device, by creative size, or level of interactivity before customising to fit the advertisers’ brand and their campaign objectives. With a gallery of layouts that are constantly being updated and refreshed with the up and coming units, it is possible to stand out at the forefront of creative formats.


Home to dynamic creatives, Studio integrates with the rest of the Google Marketing Platform stack to incorporate their key strategies into the brain of the creative. Whether that is a change of ad copy for a sales period, testing different images based on geographical location or even working with targeting from Display & Video 360 to ensure the creative message aligns with the targeting method, Studio’s dynamic creatives provide an integrated approach to serving creatives.

Push from Google Web Designer or Upload:

Authoring tools such as Google Web Designer (GWD) are commonly used by creative developers to build HTML5 creatives from scratch. Being a part of the Google family, GWD has a direct link for developers to push creatives to your Studio account for advertisers to preview and approve. If sent as a file, no worries, Studio accepts creatives built anywhere which can be uploaded directly into the interface.

Studio is a free, yes we said ‘free’, add-on tool to Campaign Manager (the ad server), which means all creatives once quality approved by Google (another free service) automatically appear in Campaign Manager to be served to the Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Reporting & Optimisation:

When it comes to reporting and optimisation the creative can often be neglected; but when creative design is continuously progressing and formats are getting increasingly advanced, visibility into how each element of the creative is performing is ever more important to track and optimise towards. Studio allows advertisers to place exit, counter, timer and video events into their creative to really understand user engagement with their brand. How long do people hover over to expand your creative? Which of the dynamic messages best performed? What percentages of users watch 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the video? Track these granular events and pull reports in Campaign Manager to analyse performance for each event. These findings can then influence the upcoming creative brief. 

Want to know more?

Get in touch to find out how to get going with the creative solutions platform that is Studio.