Partner Programme Overview

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, we provide onboarding, training, support and strategy across the whole stack of Google Marketing Platform (GMP) tools. Previously under the guise of DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners, we have helped clients realise outstanding results through integrating GMP tools with their existing paid media, working with both in house teams and for agency managed clients.

We were the first UK agency to be selected as a DoubleClick Channel Partner, and have strived to provide best in class platform support to help our partners realise amazing results through the suite of measurement and optimisation tools.

Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

If you are looking to take your paid media performance to the next level, and wish to move towards a more integrated approach across analytics and media buying, then the Google Marketing Platform could be for you. Onboarding, training and support is tailored to each client to help advertisers achieve a holistic view of their activity and meet business objectives. 

Why work with Merkle | Periscopix?

Background & History

We are proud to have been hand-picked by Google to provide training and support across the full Google Marketing Platform, and were the first agency in the UK originally awarded Channel Partner status in 2015. Back then, we were chosen due to our best-in-class use of the DoubleClick Stack for agency managed clients and we continue to be pioneering in our use of the tools. Take a look at some client case studies to see how we have used the Google Marketing Platform in the past to deliver amazing results.

Flexible Models

Whether you require simple platform access or a paid search director to steer your in-house team, we will provide the solution that will help you meet your marketing objectives.

Onboarding & Deployment

The successful use of GMP tools is unquestionably founded on the correct initial setup. We design a custom onboarding and deployment plan for every client based on their specific needs, to ensure we have an excellent foundation to facilitate the best possible use of the tool.

Excellence in Training

We take our training very seriously at Merkle | Periscopix, and our GMP training courses are meticulously designed to give you the knowledge to excel across the platform. Our training is fun, interactive and challenging, and every session is specifically tailored to the individual needs of the client. Successful training is the backbone of our Partner offering and something we really pride ourselves on.

Real Platform Expertise

Put simply, we have developed deep expertise across the Google Marketing Platform over the years and have regularly been first in line to trial new betas and features across what was previously DoubleClick and the GA360 suite. We intend for every new partner client to develop the same level of knowledge and will support along that journey.

Google Marketing Platform Stack

Our People

The same team that has built and run our in-house campaigns are responsible for training our partners across the platform. This means our partners are always kept up to date on platform improvements and are taught our approach to best practice. Our account managers are friendly, personable and most of all dedicated to being thought leaders across the tools they support you on.

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Some of our happy clients

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  • Virgin Media
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