Zoopla's Dynamic Campaigns Increase Click Volume by 106%

Property websites have the potential to attract millions of users on a daily basis. For a company operating in such a competitive space, Zoopla was faced with a dilemma; how could they ensure they were actively advertising for every location for which they had inventory, without casting the net too wide and spending money on users not in the market for a property? 

The digital marketing team at Zoopla recognised that native advertising would work best with these conditions, and PPC would provide the level of specificity needed to attract relevant traffic to the website. With this in mind, Merkle | Periscopix were tasked with the following; how could we advertise on every possible property location and property type, with ad content directly reflecting each search query? To caveat this, could we achieve these goals whilst maintaining strong acquisition metrics?  


Targeting by specific location

The first step was to make changes to Zoopla’s property feed so that it contained all of the required information, such as the number of properties available by location, number of bedrooms and average property prices. It was then integrated with the inventory management feature of DoubleClick Search, allowing the creation of dynamic ad copy reflecting current availability.

Simplified campaign management

DoubleClick Search also offered custom variables and rules so the team could make changes to the feed in real-time without the need for back-end development on the Zoopla property database. Meanwhile, the use of advanced templates for ads and keywords reduced the time required to build a campaign without compromising the granular detail with which they could be managed.


Since campaigns are now created dynamically from data contained within the property feed, optimisations have become more efficient and the need to create manual updates has been removed. The budget spend on advertising for the London market has decreased by 17%, which can be reallocated to regions that were previously not covered. And despite the budget decrease in London, the following results were achieved:

  • Number of leads in that market increased by 22%
  • Overall the cost per acquisition dropped by 31% from the previous year.
  • Click-through rate for Zoopla’s ads went up by 40%
  • Volume of clicks increased by 106%

Quote from the client

“DoubleClick allowed us to get our real-time data in front of our consumers, when that information is most useful to them. This helps us to achieve our goal of being the most useful property resource for consumers. This project also helped in delivering more qualified leads to our members. It contributed to significant performance improvements, while also supporting our data-first approach.”

Vincent Coyle, Head of Digital Marketing, Zoopla Property Group

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