Highly targeted PPC campaign increases CTR by 300%

World First approached Periscopix in 2011 while working with a full service agency to see how they might be able to improve performance. As specialists in search marketing, we were able to see opportunities for growth within their current PPC efforts and perhaps more importantly identified potential for increased efficiency and a greater return on investment.

World First website

Our process

Their previous campaigns were run almost entirely with broad match keywords, leading to an unnecessarily high cost per conversion and poorer quality traffic. Our approach was to rebuild and restructure World First's campaigns from scratch, using the history the previous campaigns had acquired.

Our long tail approach meant the account went from having small numbers of broad match keywords to hundreds of thousands of phrase match keywords within hundreds of highly specific and relevant ad groups within each campaign. Using industry knowledge along with campaign history, we were also able to build robust negative keyword lists for each campaign. This allowed us to cut out irrelevant traffic whilst filtering the highest quality traffic to the most relevant ads.

We chose to start our work in the UK market as it is the biggest and most important market for World First. We then expanded by building campaigns for countries across Europe and the Americas, replicating the approach we had seen great success with in the UK campaigns. World First were so pleased with the success of these campaigns that they asked us to take the same re-build approach for their Australian office. We are now targeting the most important countries across the world with highly specific campaigns. These campaigns continue to improve and produce large volumes of high quality leads for the company.


Overall results have been extremely positive since we took over the account in August 2011. World First recorded record signups in October and November and the overall quality of signups has increased dramatically.

Due to the highly targeted campaign structures and optimisation by our team in partnership with World First, since taking over management of the campaign we have achieved the following:

Increased clickthrough rate of over 300%

World First clickthrough rate

Increased monthly conversions of over 200%:

World First conversions

Decreased cost per conversion by over 40%:

World First cost per conversion

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