The Unseen World of Nano Remarketing

World First is one the UK’s most well-known and trusted foreign currency exchange services. Offering better exchange rates than customers can access via the banks, World First aims to capture potential new customers by educating them on their service.

Brief background

Our challenge for this campaign was to use our experience from running a successful display campaign in the UK for World First as a platform to make World First competitive in a much larger market: The USA. We recognised the long lead time of the potential World First customer and decided to build and implement a four-tiered, hierarchical model of remarketing to drive sublime results, but at the same time, drive actionable insights – a key goal of this campaign.


  • Use programmatic display to serve ads to the most relevant audiences
  • Qualify site visitors using on-site behaviour
  • Remarket to potential new users while in the ‘research phase’


Utilising the synergy between DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) and Google Analytics Premium (GAP) we measured first-time site visitors’ quality rather than focussing on quantity. Our goal was to increase the volume of in-market consumers by optimising based on interaction metrics in GAP.

In addition to focussing on our new site visitor quality we also employed a comprehensive tracking strategy to qualify these potential new customers. We introduced nano conversions, which helped determine the quality of new visitors to the site and placed them at a point within a broad conversion funnel.

A display campaign can only be as good as the remarketing strategy that supports it – which makes World First’s campaign one of the most comprehensive and effective campaigns we’ve seen. We undertook a four-tiered hierarchical remarketing strategy outlined in the diagram below, (we’ve only scraped the surface with this strategy so far):

All users that arrived on the site for the first time were classified into one of three potential customer segments – Private, Business or Ecommerce.

Once a user fulfilled one or more on-site actions, we then targeted them around the web. These individuals were most likely looking into competitor’s services at the same time, so it was vital to remind potential customers that World First was the right option for them.

Users sat in a “nano-remarketing” bracket for certain amount of time. They fell back into our general remarketing (less aggressive) pool if they failed to carry out another nano-conversion.

However, in most cases we successfully pushed users to the next qualification stage – micro-remarketing (see diagram above).

This hierarchical remarketing strategy outlined in the diagram has not only driven phenomenal results and increased our ultimate goal of full registrations, it’s also enabled us to provide our clients with invaluable insights into customer behaviour, users ‘research phase’ time, and the strongest/ weakest areas of their website.


  • CPA was 99% lower at each stage if the user had completed a conversion in the previous level of the remarketing structure.
  • Users who interacted with the site were likely to return within seven days and complete the same action. This was key for brand validity and consumer confidence. Once users had completed a nano-conversion they were 10x more likely to go on and create an account.
  • In the UK and AUS, compared to the previous period without nano-remarketing, we saw a 28% and 105% uplift in full account sign-ups respectively. (USA data not included as we used this structure from launch, so no comparison is available).
  • Even though it may be called nano – remarketing, it’s certainly been a large piece of the puzzle in terms of performance for World First’s programmatic strategy.

Quote from the client

Dominique Rollandi, Deputy Head of Digital at World First:

“The Periscopix team continue to deliver fantastic results and insights for World First, whether this is bringing down CPA, driving conversions, or raising our Brand Awareness online. However, the true impact of Periscopix is more pervasive and underlying than this: it is their persistence to improve activities across the board that is most impressive. They are, without doubt, experts at what they do. They leave no question unanswered, with a dogged approach to optimisation, account growth and delivering insights to effect other arms of our business. Liz Rutgersson, Head of Programmatic at Periscopix runs a tight ship – to say Periscopix’s Display team was best in class would be to completely misunderstand the question – they are truly on another level in terms of delivering successful Programmatic campaigns.”

Download Case Study

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