Google Analytics & PPC workshops lead to 39% increase in CTR

The Window Film Company approached us to help with their AdWords account. It had already been set up, but it lacked the expert touch. We knew we could help take the performance of their campaign to the next level. Through a series of bespoke workshops with both the Google Analytics and PPC teams, we were able to increase the number of advanced features engaged, improving the performance of the campaign significantly.

The Window Film Company

...And shower in the new ones

In addition to conversion tracking, optimised ad copy, keyword match types and ad position across the account, we helped The Window Film Company to engage with the following new features:

  • Location extensions - although the Window Film Company operate nationwide, they have some key offices, around which we set up location extensions to improve the visibility of their ads in these key areas. Impressions from these extensions increased from the low thousands to six-figure numbers - with a clickthrough rate (CTR) of over 10%.
  • Sitelink extensions - these are a key addition which we add to every account we work on, helping to make ads stand out and promoting as many features and USPs as possible. From a starting point of zero, we generated almost one million impressions of ads with these extensions in just four months - with double the CTR of ads without them.
  • Social extensions - linking to The Window Film Company's engaging Google+ page, this helped drive visibility of recent projects.
  • Seller ratings - another great feature we push for all clients; we helped WFC set up a review page and consulted on the best way to drive reviews. With an average rating of 4.8 of 5, this had a great impact on CTR!
  • Ad scheduling - through some nifty analysis in both AdWords and Google Analytics we helped to identify the key times of day when visitors to the WFC site were most likely to convert. We then bid more aggressively at these times - another key factor in improving CTR and performance.

All of these features (and more!) helped to significantly improve the performance of the you can see below!

The results

We drove a significant increase in CTR (and ad position) without relying purely on increasing our bids. This equals one happy client!

Window Film Company graph

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