We used A/B testing to increase e-commerce conversion rate by 12%

With a view to redesigning their e-commerce site and increasing the number of sales it generates, WBC was keen to understand how web traffic interacted with the site, and where potential improvements could be made.

WBC website

Put to the test:

As usual, we started the process with an implementation audit, to check that data was accurate, and that we were tracking all key interactions. From there we used advanced segments to identify that a high conversion rate for returning customers was hiding a very low conversion rate for new users. Looking at the data it was clear that the homepage wasn't doing it's job and visitors were finding it too difficult to locate products or even categories that they were looking for. It was time to test a variation.

WBC homepage before and after

As you can see from above, the changes made were subtle and focussed on two main areas; showcasing the range of products the WBC stock and improsing a sense of authority in the marketplace. We used GA to identify most popular products and these were given prominence in the centre of the homepage. We used A/B testing to establish which version of the homepage was best - and we're pleased to say that after 3 months, the variation won - with an increase in conversion rate of over 12% compared to the original.

Quote from the client

"Since signing up with Periscopix in 2010 our AdWords account has gone from strength to strength. They are continually improving our campaigns and keep us abreast of new techniques and technologies. Their team members are very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend Periscopix to everyone."

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