Reinvigorated PPC campaign achieves ROI of 53:1

Warehouse are a leading high street fashion retailer supplying the fashion-conscious with key trends and seasonal apparel.

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In the fiercely (and ever increasing) competitive market of fashion ecommerce, we were appointed two key objectives:

  1. Increase revenue, whilst driving down cost per click (CPC)
  2. Increase sales through implementing a 'generic'* approach, to focus on achieving a positive ROI.

*Previous agencies had executed 'generic' strategies, but failed to turn around a positive ROI.


Taking inspiration from Warehouse's ethos: building genuinely smart, connected fashion experiences, we devised a 'go generic' campaign which relied on monitored 'budget blasts'. Brand-related keywords were also included in the campaign, to ensure online brand protection and the utmost visibility.

Warehouse's campaign was rebuilt to ensure that the structure followed our strict best practice guidelines. Just under 40,000 brand and product keywords were collected and split into 53 ad groups. This granular break down allowed us to effectively optimise the campaign and ensure Warehouse's budget was effectively distributed between the brand term campaigns.

Introducing Generics
We then delved into the world of generic 'dresses', 'shoes' and 'accessories'. With a strong focus on achieving a positive ROI, we decided to steer clear of the traditional Search campaign, and instead opted to implement Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). This allowed us to compete in a more advantageous market place for a lower CPC.

Finding the right voice
A range of ad copy was experimented with, to gather insights into which tone Warehouse's target audience responded to best. The best performing ads were then used to target fashionistas and direct them to specific landing pages, where they were most likely to convert.


By refining the generic Search approach to pre-exposed users and segmenting the approach to Shopping, we delivered Warehouse its best December results to date (2013 vs 2012).

  • CPC reduced by 40%
  • Conversions increased by 51%
  • Revenue increased by 85%
  • An extraordinary ROI of 53:1 was achieved!

Quote from the client

“When we approached Periscopix, we were desperate to find an agency who could deliver a generic PPC campaign which delivered the ROI results we craved. Having run generic campaigns with other agencies to little success, we were sceptical. Since day one, Periscopix have impressed us with their knowledge and insight into the online retail market. The team’s creativity, ingenuity and dedication has not only surpassed our expectations, it has delivered our best Christmas revenue results to date. The fact that it has been the only agency to run a successful and profitable generic campaign, speaks volumes. I cannot recommend Periscopix enough to retailers looking to propel their online sales.”

Cath Daly, Digital Marketing Manager, Warehouse

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