Google AdWords campaign increases donations by 413%

In late 2013 we took over The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity's (RMCC) Google AdWords account on a pro bono basis. Since then we have worked closely with the RMCC to shift its focus from getting the most visitors possible to getting the best visitors: quality instead of quantity.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity website


Overall, traffic from Google AdWords has fallen 10% from 38,566 visits to 34,728 visits. The My Marsden March website was most affected by this – its traffic fell by nearly 20,000 visits after we cancelled the ads that were bringing a lot of poor quality traffic. Visits to the main charity website have almost doubled.

Bounce rate

By matching Google ads to the RMCC content and stopping low-performing ads, we've almost halved the number of people who take one look at the website and leave.

Pages viewed and duration of visit

The shift of focus from quantity of visitors to quality of visitors has seen page views increase by 22% and visit duration increase by 213%.


More people are visiting the RMCC website and choosing to make a donation. The number of donations from Google AdWords has increased by 413% and the conversion rate has gone from 0.17% to 0.49%.

Overall, £38,704 worth of donations have been generated (previously donations totalled £5,429).

All goals

Online donations were not the RMCC's only goal. Events such as downloading a PDF, clicking an external link to create a JG page or viewing legacy information were also tracked as goals.

The overall percentage of visits in which the user completes one or more goals has increased from 0.7% to 4.1% (from 276 to 1,450), with the two Marsden March website reaching 10% goal conversion rates.


The RMCC's Google AdWords account now attracts quality visitors who are looking to support the RMCC.

Download Case Study

Click on the image below to download the Royal Marsden Cancer Chartiy case study.