Achieving 526% rise in revenue through a mid-flight strategy pivot based on interpretation of data signals

SUITCASE Magazine is a quarterly travel magazine and website that urges its readers to “forget underwhelming tourist clichés, and embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation.” SUITCASE curates captivating photo journals, colourful city guides, and fashion editorials in inspirational locations, with articles by award-winning international writers.

With December fast approaching, SUITCASE had set some high targets for the winter months and tasked Merkle | Periscopix with helping them take full advantage of gifting season.

In the months leading up to December we analysed Facebook performance from the previous year and discussed how we might improve on this.  We identified three main action points that would lead to success:

  1. Activate the buying intent of users in the remarketing pools that we had built up in the months' prior by adjusting lookback windows and expanding audiences, targeting the most highly engaged users.
  2. Reward loyal customers with an offer that would excite them.
  3. Add urgency to copy, without alienating the SUITCASE audience.

After recognising key data signals from users, we observed that they weren’t responding as we had hoped to initial creative, which was relatively product focused. Our analysis also revealed an opportunity to capitalise on a highly engaged Instagram audience.

So, in order to deliver the best results possible: 

  • We changed our creative strategy to highlight the beautiful imagery that the user can find within SUITCASE.
  • We streamlined copy.
  • We put more focus on Instagram.

Having made these adjustments, campaign return on ad spend rose by 91% and Instagram users represented 55% of total revenue across this period.

Across the whole campaign we saw return on ad spend rise by 271% month on month while, compared to the year previous, purchase volume rose by 983% and revenue by 526%

Quote from the client

"We had our highest monthly growth targets of the year during this campaign - the team at Merkle | Periscopix were very receptive to our expectations and their efforts brought conversions well above our forecasts. The planning of the campaign in the months before was as instrumental to its success as the actual implementation - showing their fluidity with both preparation and response to unforeseen developments."

Sarah Bentley, Head of Digital, SUITCASE Magazine

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