Product Listing Ads campaign increases YOY revenue by 96%

Sterlingbuild is an online home improvement shop specialising in roof windows, skylights, flat roof domes and sun tunnels. They stock a wide range of well-known brands at fantastic low prices.

Sterlingbuild website


Through effective PPC management we have helped them become one of the largest online seller of roof windows in the UK.

The process

When taking over their existing account an audit took place to find the gaps within the current account structure.

There were opportunities to expand the PPC campaign from just a few hundred keywords to over a few thousand keywords into a newer structure which better matched with the product content from their website and made full use of the landing pages available on their website.

This included generic keywords like 'roof windows' through to longer tail phrases such as 'roof domes for flat roofs' or the actual product codes of the windows.

The account also included a dedicated campaign for the different window brands that they sell and a Sterlingbuild brand campaign. Effective negative keywords also ensured that we gained the most relevant traffic for our ad spend.

In 2013 a Product Listing Ads campaign was launched which has been very effective at getting online conversions at around 55% lower cost per conversion than the search campaigns.


  • Clicks increased by 77% year on year.
  • We were also able to increase online PPC revenue by 96% year on year.
Sterlingbuild revenue

Quote from the client

“I really rate these guys, we have been working with them since March 2012 and have enjoyed high growth with their help.”

Nick West, Sterlingbuild

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