Making the most of DoubleClick for Search

Sigma Sports do offline better than any other bike / triathlon shop, and serve the top end of the market very well with personalised bike fitting services, top of the range professional bikes etc. Having conquered the offline customer experience, Sigma Sports came to us looking to rapidly expand their paid search activity as they looked to expand their online offering.

The Objectives

We were charged with targeting both of these audiences with ads that covered the full breadth of Sigma Sports' 20,000 product strong inventory, with the overall aim of returning £10 for every £1 spent.

The Strategy

Catering for the Cycling Experts
The experienced cyclist generally knows the exact product they want to buy down to the brand, model and colour, and this is reflected with highly specific search behaviour. We therefore knew that it was important to get full coverage of Sigma Sports' 20,000 product strong inventory with product specific keywords and ad copy.

In order to do this, we used DoubleClick for Search's inventory keyword campaigns. This enabled us to create an ad group for every single product, with dynamically generated keywords and ads based on attributes from Sigma Sports' feed. When the price of the product changed, so did the ad, and when the stock status changed, so did the status of our keywords based purely on the rules we set. Total build time was less than half a day, a tiny fraction of the time it would have taken to build out the campaigns manually.

Within our ad templates, we set up rules using various formulas that dynamically changed the ads to reflect different USP's. When a product was eligible for free delivery, the ad copy changed to promote this, and when a product had a discount, the ad copy automatically changed to promote a sale message.

Our shopping campaigns were split out at product ID level allowing us to optimise the campaigns at a very granular level. We also worked on optimising the product data in the feed which meant our ads showed up for more relevant search queries, allowing us to optimise individual product bids more effectively.

Catering for the Cycling Beginners
Potential customers new to the cycling world are less certain on which products they want to buy, and in order to reach these people with search ads, we had to be more generic. To make our ads stand out from the crowd, we used DoubleClick for Search to dynamically insert prices, such that we could state "Prices Start From £XX.XX."

We also set up inventory rules that automatically paused our keywords if the amount of products for a certain brand or product type fell below a certain threshold. This meant our ads only ever landed users on pages with plenty of choice, cutting out potential waste on users who might click, and then bounce straight away.

In summary, we used DoubleClick for Search to automate the creation of a very granular and detailed campaign structure, at a fraction of the time it would have taken to do manually. This time was therefore spent optimising the campaigns, and this coupled with the money saved from some of the other automation features, resulted in some very good results.

The Results

Since taking over in March 2014:

  • ROI has increased 109%, peaking at 19.37 in March 2015
  • Sales increased 517% year on year in December 2014
  • Non-brand CPA has decreased by 142% overall
  • Whilst the conversion rate has increased 167%, peaking at 4.59% in March 2015

Quote from the client

"We approached Periscopix at a really exciting point in our company's growth - we were really good at reaching our offline audience and looking to brush up on our digital presence, specifically in the paid search results. Our account managers, Will and Rob, have worked wonders and we're seeing a huge return from our investment in online advertising. As a result, Periscopix actually assist our purchasing department in determining what stock to buy in. PPC is now considered a serious acquisition channel and has gained the respect of the whole team including the MD and our investors.”

Matt Light, Content Strategist, Sigma Sports

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