Getting the most out of a Google Grant

Scope is a UK disability charity that exists to make this country a better place for disabled people and their families. It runs a range of services, including schools and colleges, community-based and residential care, training and employment services, and raises awareness of the issues that disabled people face. It also provides support, advice and information for more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their family members every year.

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Scope had been running the Google Grant account since June 2009, however, was only spending around 30%-40% of the $10,000/month available grant. Scope approached us to maximise the visibility it was getting via its Google grant.

As many charities use Google grant to promote their services, Google ad auction tends to be just as competitive as any other sector, however, using a Google Grants account presents a unique challenge in that the max cost/click is capped at $2. This effectively takes away the mechanism by which to control the ad position and hence the visibility on Google's Search Results Page. The only differentiating factor within advertisers' control is the quality score which can be used to attain a higher ad position.

Increase Visibility
With the aforementioned issue in mind, we devised a highly granular campaign structure. The advantage of the granular campaign structure is that it allows advertisers to organise and group together keywords in a tightly knit themes and show highly relevant ad copies, this strategy is known to increase CTR and Quality Score.

Maximise Google Grant
In order to maximise Google Grant available, we identified all sections of the web site that are likely to be useful for disabled people or their friends and family. The campaigns were split up into three broad types:

  • General – This campaign was designed to provide information and promote Scope's services. This campaign included ad groups such as Dial UK, employment advice for disabled people etc.
  • Revenue – This campaign was designed to source funds therefore included ad groups around donations, gifts in will, payroll giving etc.
  • Fundraising Events – This campaign was designed to recruit fund raisers for several events that take place during the year.

Increase Fund Generation
Apart from the aforementioned revenue campaign, we worked with Scope to advertise and promote various bespoke campaigns such as Christmas e-cards, One Million Items campaign, Assistive Technology Appeal and many other similar fund raising campaigns.


Increase Visibility:

  • An increase of 19.08% in impressions
  • Clicks to the web site increased by 64.17%

Fund Generation:

  • Christmas e-cards Campaign - Generated £822.50 in donations from e-cards
  • One Million Items Campaign – 83.9% of total traffic delivered by our PPC campaign. As the aim of the campaign was to drive footfall to Scope charity shops, it is not possible to find out about the actual impact of the PPC campaign, however, the one million items campaign met its objectives. The PPC campaign also generated £670.50 in web donations.
  • Assistive Technology Appeal – Generated £275 in web donations

Quote from the client

“Periscopix take time and care to understand our campaigns and constantly make incremental improvements to get the most out of Google AdWords. We’ve really enjoyed working closely with Periscopix to improve all areas of PPC including click through rate, cost per click and conversion rate. It's great to know we have access to PPC specialists we can always count on for our multi-channel campaigns.”

Aytug Ozeli, Digital Marketing and Advertising Specialist

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