Custom Attribution model increases ROAS by 93% YoY

The challenge

Scandinavian Airlines wanted to move away from a last-click attribution model enabling them to understand the incremental revenue and ROAS of all marketing channels for each of the key international markets (UK & US). The new custom attribution model should be visualised in a comprehensive dashboard making it easy to action performance insights in an agile way.

The approach

To meet this challenge, Merkle | Periscopix hosted an attribution workshop to ensure all parties (including two different media agencies) understood the purpose and crucially the benefits of an attribution model. They analysed customer journeys and channel performance to understand when and where to reach users (right time, channel, device etc.) while considering the position of each channel in the funnel.

They developed a custom attribution model in Google Analytics based on the customer journey insights and created a cross-channel dashboard to visualise and report on attributed channel performance.

Finally, they built an agile process to review performance with the media agencies to identify opportunities for media optimisation whilst obtaining direct feedback on media delivery.

The results

  • Revenue for UK market increased by 6.6% YoY
  • ROAS increased by 47% (UK) and 93% (US) YoY
  • CPA decreased by 32% and Conversion Rate increased 47% by developing bid adjustments based on the attribution model.

Quote from the client

“Understanding the true performance and contribution of our digital media and optimising media spend accordingly is a priority for SAS to reach our commercial goals. This has been easier to say than do. Merkle | Periscopix have enabled us to implement both a robust attribution solution and effective way of working, involving stronger collaboration between SAS and our media agencies, in how we can continuously and collectively improve the business, through allocation of media spend and application of ROMI thinking in all that we do. Importantly the revenue and ROAS performance goals are being met and we will therefore roll out this solution in other key international markets”.

Will Reed, Head of International Marketing, Scandinavian Airlines