Mobile conversions increase 255% YOY

Oasis is a global British fashion brand that pioneer print and live and breathe design. We've been running their PPC accounts for two and a half years now and over this time, we have seen customer mobile behaviour significantly change.

In the ever fierce world of fashion, we were looking for new ways to increase our conversion volume, without breaking the bank.


Mobile has been a key growth area across the industry with Google reporting that mobile queries surpassed desktop searches for the very first time over Christmas 2014.

We were keen to capitalise on this spike in mobile use in a cost-effective way, and so we worked with Oasis to set an objective to define the campaign:

  • Increase conversion volumes across mobile, without increasing overall cost per acquisition (CPA).

Strategy - Stage 1

Traditionally we’ve seen poorer performance across mobile, with lower conversion rates and consequently higher CPAs. The temptation has therefore been to apply negative bid adjustments across the account. However, our customer’s mobile behaviour is ever-changing, and we needed to make sure our account was ready to respond to this. We approached this by ensuring we had:

  • Mobile specific ad copy with relevant USPs and CTAs
  • Mobile appropriate bid adjustments for each area of the account.

Results – Stage 1

  • 36% increase in the percentage of clicks coming from a mobile device YOY.
  • The majority of traffic (41%) is now coming from mobile, with 34% from tablet and only 25% from desktop.
  • 45% increase in mobile conversions YOY.
  • Whilst we’ve seen increases in conversion rate across the board, mobile conversion rates have increased 10% more than desktop.

Best of all, we’ve managed to do this in a cost effective way! Despite pushing areas where mobile has been working really well, mobile CPCs remain 84% cheaper than desktop. Conversions have been increasing whilst CPA has been steadily decreasing.

Strategy – Stage 2

As mobile grows in importance for the account & the business, the next step was to extend our reach, where previously our desktop campaigns had been restricted due to rising CPCs. To do this we set up a campaign that focuses on mobile traffic only, targeting all potential customers at any time of day.

Results – Stage 2

In the first full month we saw the following:

At top level:

  • 198% increase in mobile traffic with a 255% increase in conversions YoY, mobile revenue increased by 263% as a result.

The campaign itself

  • The campaign has a CPC a third of the account average, with CPA following trend.
  • Black Friday alone saw a 400% increase in conversions through the same keywords on mobile YoY.

Quote from the client

"We had seen an increase in CPC across the board, so were keen to look at new approaches to getting the best ROI for our PPC efforts. We had also seen a steady increase in the proportion of traffic coming to the Oasis website from mobile devices over the past 18 months, and although the traffic has been growing, the conversion rate has remained lower than that for tablet and desktop. The challenge to think creatively about how we could improve the conversion rate for mobile was put to the team at Periscopix. Working with Periscopix to test targeting this segment of traffic delivered great results; we are really pleased to see our budgets working more effectively."

Tina Cramp, E-Commerce Manager, Oasis

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