Making data 'King' in the world of website optimisation

With a view to taking a data-driven approach to improving site experience, MSC contacted Periscopix for an implementation audit, training and wider data analysis.

On your marks, get set, track!

With over 17,000 pieces of content on the website, we had to ensure all interactions of value were tracked. These included configuration of internal site search tracking, additional tracking on social media buttons & PDF downloads, and goal setup. We also setup bespoke training coursesdesigned to help MSC stakeholders understand their new found data. We also helped set MSC up with an AdWords Google Grant, allowing them to help spread their message.... for free!

Marine Stewardship Council website

Proving personas:

The next phase of the project involved assimilating the MSC's existing persona framework, and applying it to the data in GA. We first analysed and assigned over 25,000 keywords to a persona-type (not a quick job!) and combined this with the results of an on-site survey to understand each persona's on-site experience.

Double win:

Not only could we help the MSC to validate their existing persona assumptions, but we also identified key areas of recommendation where the MSC were able to improve the website for each persona. As we speak, the MSC are busy incorporating the recommendations from this into some redesigned areas of the site.

Quote from the client:

“Our approach to site development is transformed for the a result the performance of our site is improving continuously”

Alli Barnes, Online Communications Manager, MSC

Download Case Study

Click on the image below to download the Marine Stewardship Council case study.