Servicing the World Community

Lebara Mobile launched the first ever low-cost international mobile service in the Netherlands in 2004. Twelve years later, they have over 2.5 million customers in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Germany and the UK. They provide pre-paid Mobile SIM cards customised to the needs of international communities, particularly migrant workers. 


Lebara Mobile understands their services mean more to customers than just making calls; they know how important it is for customers to stay in touch and they go above and beyond to understand their customer’s needs. That is why they have chosen Merkle|Periscopix to help them better understand their users through web data for the last three years, placing great emphasis on communicating with customers on their terms, giving them online support, and tailored customer services in a wide range of languages.

This year, Merkle | Periscopix came up with a simple solution to better support their multicultural community. With just over a million users visiting their websites each month, audience segmentation needed to reach a whole new, and exciting, level.


Everything we do at Merkle|Periscopix is based around data, and not simply opinions or best practice. We make absolutely sure we create a testing hypothesis, based on a combination of a data set gathered by various online tools.

Lebara Mobile’s main customer target is the world’s migrant community; anyone who has left their friends and family to live in another country and wishes to keep in touch with loved ones in the most efficient way possible. 

We focused initially on the German market and segmented users by their browser’s language. Interestingly users with no German or English browsers were responsible for more than 25% of the total revenue. Based on this discovery, we personalised their “international rates” slider (on their rate page) depending on their visitors’ browser language.  

Our hypothesis was that, by mentioning their home country in the drop down menu and/or translating the header in their native language, we would increase the Click-through Rate on their main Call to Action. To test this theory, we used the Optimizely platform to run three variations against the original and monitored visitors’ behaviour. 

Shown below are the total four variations for a user with a Polish browser.


Variation 1 - Drop down menu is populated automatically based on browser's language e.g. Poland

Variation2 - Drop down menu is populated for Poland; header is in original language (German) but copy mentions family/friends in Poland.

Variation3 - Drop down menu is populated for Poland and header is in Polish.


The variations proved successful across the board, but Variation2 outshone the rest. The Click-through Rate of the Call to Action increased by 66.4% compared to the original, and the statistical significance was higher than 90%, allowing us to validate the results and confirming a 9.7% increase in the funnel conversion rate, with an 11% increase in revenue per month.

Taking things a step further, we split the CTR by device and found that Variation2 worked better in desktops yet Variation1 worked better on mobile/tablet devices. Lebara Mobile now implement the two different tailored experiences by each device to ensure optimum results. Simple, yet very effective!

Quote from the client

“Over the years Merkle|Periscopix’s team of data experts have helped us to understand our users, their behaviour, and how best to use the insights gained from our data. Every campaign is made to feel like a real team effort, and the results prove, time and time again, that their strategies really do work wonders.”

Ivan Tan, Web Analytics Manager, Lebara Mobile

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