Using experimentation to redesign the user journey

Instant Offices is the world’s largest provider of offices, helping businesses to find the ideal flexible workspace. They chose Merkle | Periscopix to help them optimise their users’ experience onsite using Optimizely.  


As data enthusiasts, the success of this optimisation campaign lies in our data-driven approach to CRO. Using Google Analytics, we analysed the user journey on the Instant Offices website and the patterns leading to conversion.

Based on our analysis, we discovered that visitors looking at the office detail pages (Fig1) were less frequent in the path to conversion than those browsing the office listing pages (Fig2). Essentially, visitors did not require details of the entire office’s description before requesting a quote.    

We identified the action of "view office detail" as undesirable. According to their website data, 14% of their total traffic was pushed to these low performing pages instead of being sent directly on the enquiry form.

It was a clear missed opportunity.

Bringing together Web analysts and UX experts, we generated a strong hypothesis: IF we replace the “view office detail” CTA with a modal enquiry form THEN it should increase the number of enquiry form submissions by 15% BECAUSE it prevents users navigating to the office detail pages thus presenting a quicker method of enquiry.


To validate our hypothesis and understand the impact of our suggested changes on the number of leads generated, we used Optimizely A/B testing software. 

We worked in collaboration with Instant Offices to define the best copy and implemented the HTLM, CSS and Javascript codes in the testing platform. In the variation, we changed the CTA wording “view office detail” to “quick quote” and introduced a modal enquiry pop-up. 

The test was targeting only desktop users with 50% of traffic directed to the original version (Fig2) and the other 50% to the variation (Fig4 and Fig5). 

Based on our experience, predicting how the consumer will react to bold changes is difficult. Web Analytics provides us with behavioural data, but it wasn’t enough to completely redesign the users’ journey. A/B testing allows us to prove the effectiveness of our CRO data-driven approach and measure the impact of our recommendations on Instant Offices' main business objective.


The test reached statistical significance after a month and the outcome was impressive. We increased the number of leads generated by 55%, allowing us to validate our hypothesis. 

The insight from this experiment confirmed that users wanted a quick & easy way to enquire in their journey and Instant Offices have now implemented the winning variation on their website.

Quote from the client

"The insights we have gained from Merkle | Periscopix work so far have had a hugely positive impact on our user’s journey. Their expertise across both the Optimizely and Google Analytics platforms have resulted in key changes to the website, thus improving its performance. We look forward to utilising this in the future by making informed decisions dictated by our users' behaviour."

Bryan Hunter, Head Of Digital Marketing, The Instant Group

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