Lead Generation via Display Campaigns

IFS are a B2B technological solutions company who supply clients with a suite of technological resources, such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Asset Lifecycle Management. These clients are often very large in size and operate in industries such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defence. 



After joining forces with IFS, we found that the niche nature of the services they offer led to a relatively small volume of direct response conversions (contact forms and phone calls), meaning that optimisation of the account was particularly difficult. Due to this, we began to track GA Engagement metrics (in particular ‘Time on Site > 5 minutes’ and ‘Page Visits > 2’) in order to give us a better understanding of where high volume traffic was being driven from. Having built out all of IFS’ services in our Search campaigns, we were looking for a way to expand and continue to add value to the account, as well as generating more leads for the client.


We decided to go down the route of Display in order to expand the account. Display Remarketing was considered as an option, but this would have done relatively little to solve any conversion volume issues, and would have also had limited scope in terms of spreading brand awareness. For these reasons, we decided to launch a prospecting campaign using the following targeting methods:

  • In-Market Segments - 'ERP Solutions'
  • Custom Affinity Segment - using four competitor domains and two industry-specific legislation sites.

The client supplied us with creative in a variety of sizes and formats for the Display campaign, and we structured ad groups relating to the industry that the ad was targeted towards.

Soon after launch, Display became our second-highest converting campaign in terms of volume and CPA was beginning to rival our Brand campaign. Over time, we have seen CPA decrease to a level lower than Brand, and Display now accounts for well over half of all conversions.

In addition, the CTR in Search campaigns had increased by 10% since the launch of the Display campaign, showing the positive effect of the campaign on brand recall.

Quote from the client

“Having worked with Periscopix over the last two years on refining and improving our PPC actions here in the UK we’ve now embarked on several innovations within the digital arena, Google Display being just one of those. The overall increase in volume in terms of traffic and conversion metrics speak for themselves and are impressive outcomes to date. Our investment here with Periscopix has had an impact on other key KPI’s in terms of time on site and bounce rate for example and as such we continue to work with our account team to analyze, understand and adjust for continued overall improvement to the contribution of marketing to our business.”

Paul Collier, Regional Marketing Director, IFS Europe West

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