Automated, user-friendly Google Analytics reports

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) supports thousands of local heritage projects across the UK each year, to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds.

The HLF were keen to start making decisions based on data, rather than hunches, so we worked with them to get their Google Analytics account looking top-notch - then worked to ensure that each regional team received regular reports focussing on their key performance indicators; whilst the central team received a higher level overview of all region's performance.

Heritage Lottery Fund website

Tracking the foundations:

Before we could get onto reporting or optimisation, the first step was to understand what the HLF's KPIs were, and how the organisation is structured, before building their Google Analytics account around this information. Two key aspects emerged, alongside ticking off the points on our long-established gold start GA audit checklist:

  • Tracking of downloads - the HLF have dozens of funding programs at any one time, so understanding which application forms or guidance notes were being downloaded, and for which program, was key to set up. We utilised advanced Google Analytics tracking code to get the HLF this information.
  • Regional reporting - although the HLF works nationwide, there's a strong regional presence running throughout the organisation. As such, each regional team required their own view of Google Analytics, which we duly delivered through the creation of dedicated profiles per region in GA.

Delving into data

Once the HLF had got their Google Analytics account spick and span, and structured in the way that suited them, they were able to then move onto the exciting stuff, reporting and optimisation. Again this fell neatly into two sets of actions:

  • Structured reporting - again, the need for more granular, regional level reporting emerged so we set up a monthly email for HLF, complete with multiple attachments, each focussing on a separate region. So whilst each regional team had their own profile to delve into for their reporting needs, the central team preferred to receive this regular email, giving them a one-stop view of each regions performance in order to drive improvement.
  • Analysis - since working together with HLF we've focussed on a number of areas of the site in order to optimise the user experience. These include a comprehensive piece of site search analysis; an in-depth look at their funnel conversion rate; as well as a broader piece of analysis investigating the difference in behaviour between their new vs. returning visitors, utilising the advanced segments feature of GA.

Looking to the future

Armed with this new-found wisdom, plus a shed-load more topics to be investigated soon, the HLF are looking forward to designing their new website - and improving their user's experience even further!

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