(Re)-Engaging with Heal’s customers: Generics & Shopping

Running on generic terms in search has always been a difficult strategy for high ticket value retailers such as Heal’s. With an ever increasingly competitive retail landscape on search, differentiating Heal’s from lower price point home retailers is an ongoing challenge.

The Objectives

The aim of this campaign strategy was to:

  • Drive conversion volume and increase Average Sales value through new and returning customers.
  • Develop Generic coverage.
  • Drive strong revenue and ROI.

The Target Audience

Buying furniture is a more considered process than buying in other areas of retail, with consumers often combining looking online, in store visits, and ordering swatches until a decision is made leading to their eventual purchase. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months.

The Strategy

A combined strategy was the best way forward when attempting to bridge the gap between an initial search and the final purchase.

We took three incremental steps in order to achieve this expansion:

1. Generics + RLSA campaign

To remain competitive on generic terms, we built out Generics + RLSA campaigns, using the Target and Bid feature in AdWords to bid on generic terms searched for by previous site visitors. This allowed us to bid on small ticket value items, such as cushions and throws, to users from our audience lists; a strategy we had never been able to do before.

We also used this as a cross selling opportunity, including users who had been to big tickets areas of the site and overlaying these lists on the appropriate product groups. For example, the 'Sofas Visitors' on the 'Cushions' ad group.

2. Shopping campaigns restructure

When the new Shopping campaigns came into full effect, we utilised this change in order to restructure the way we split out Shopping. By adding the Brand term as a negative on the Generics campaign we were able to effectively run Generics terms through Shopping in a way we hadn't been able to before. Reallocating budget from other areas of the account allowed us to spend effectively here and gain a strong impression share on Generic terms.

3. Shopping + RLSA campaign expansion

We jumped at the opportunity to utilise the Beta for RLSA with Google Shopping in order to continue to enhance our performance on Shopping. We initially tested this on the Brand campaign before applying this to the Generic & Best Sellers campaigns. This was applied across all campaigns, targeting a range of audience groups.

The Results

Our three tiered approach not only worked, it surpassed all expectations:

  • 16% decrease in spend
  • 58% increase in conversions
  • 74% increase in revenue
  • 144% increase in ROI

Quote from the client

“What’s been refreshing is how closely Periscopix has worked with us, utilising our in house data and customer profiles to help shape the campaign. We couldn’t be happier with how this campaign has performed. Having set tough targets for the year – the reduction of budget by 15% and a revenue increase of 30% - our expectations were easily surpassed, with budget down 16% and revenue up 74%. As a client, we couldn’t ask for more."

Victoria ap Gwynedd, Digital Marketing Manager, Heal's

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