Every App Helps: Boosting Installs with Universal App Campaigns

Who are Tesco?

Founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London’s East End, Tesco is one of the world’s largest multi-channel retailers with over 3,500 stores in the UK, serving tens of millions of customers each week in-store and online.

Our Objectives:

Promotion of the Tesco Groceries app is crucial for acquiring new customers, increasing spend and frequency of existing shoppers and driving long term loyalty.

Standard Search and Display App Install campaigns generated installs below the cost per install target, so the next step was to scale this up and reach a larger audience without inflating CPI.

With the aims of increasing the daily number of Android app installs, ensuring a strong multi-device presence and maximising incremental sales, Universal App Campaigns (UAC) were proposed as the solution due to cross-platform reach, ease and speed of implementation, and CPI bidding model. A new and previously untested feature, UAC streamlines app promotion across search, display, AdMob, and YouTube. Ads are generated automatically for the most relevant inventory and creative is optimised to achieve the most installs. The same CPI target was to be enforced as the pre-existing Search and Display App Install campaigns, and the Tesco Groceries app was to be promoted to as many relevant users as possible.

Our Strategy:

UAC was set up for the Tesco Groceries mobile app on Android devices, targeting both new and returning users. The best performing lines of ad text were taken from branded search campaigns and relevant video, creative reflecting TV activity was added. Initially the daily budget was to be limited to ensure the CPI target could be met during a test period, and then it would be increased steadily whilst decreasing the CPI target to improve spend efficiency.

Our Results:

The number of Android app installs has increased fivefold at a cost per install 39% below target. Comparing UAC and standard app install campaigns during the same period, UAC reaches three times as many users, clickthrough rate is 77% higher, and cost per install is 38% lower.

As an early adopter of Universal App Campaigns, Tesco has been able to grow its share of mobile users, invest in brand loyalty, and maximise on revenue growth opportunities. UAC is now a vital part of mobile marketing strategies and a valuable tool for ensuring campaign strategy caters for users across all devices.

Quote from the client:

"The Universal App Campaign to promote installs of the Tesco Groceries app has far exceeded our expectations. The campaign has been expertly handled by Periscopix beating our target CPI within a day! After just one week, the number of app installs increased five-fold versus our standard app install campaigns over the same period and, with every update, the results keep on improving. The team has delivered a step change in performance and we’re now reaching three times as many users, CTR is 77% higher and our cost per install is 38% lower – this is great to see and will deliver real long term value to the business."

Marketing Manager, Tesco

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