Graduating From Last Click Attribution Reporting

Endsleigh are the number one provider of insurance for students, graduates and young professionals in the UK. Offering a wide array of insurance products including cars, gadgets and musical instruments.

After recognising that their customers were interacting with the brand online far more than just a last click, Endsleigh signed up for personalised collaborative attribution analysis with the Google Analytics team.

Project Goals

  • Expose full path to conversion
  • Discover the true value of each marketing channel

A Collaborative Approach

Over six interactive sessions we covered everything from the basics of attribution through to advanced multi-channel funnel reports and model analysis.

Outside of the sessions, we worked with Endsleigh’s digital team on analysis pieces to complement the sessions and ensure we had a wealth of information to support our outcome.

All of this was underpinned by a couple of resources; an ongoing repository where Endsleigh could ask questions which we answered; and a delivery presentation that was updated and populated as we went through the process, ready for Endsleigh to share internally.

Custom Models

Extensive collaborative analysis enabled us to define and build a custom attribution model, with wholly data-driven decisions. Over the coming months, the custom model will be phased in to reporting – with Endsleigh running internal sessions to explain, justify and raise awareness of the value of attribution.

In addition to attribution, site optimisation opportunities were uncovered leading to the implementation of Optimizely.

Using GA’s Service Provider details, we were also able to provide insight into offline activities. We highlighted which University networks were providing the most valuable site traffic, allowing Endsleigh to tailor future University advertising activity.

The rest of the Attribution journey

The culmination of the project brought diverse benefits:

  • Each insurance product’s path to conversion varies hugely – with individual channels bearing varying importance at different points depending on the product.
  • Recognising which programmatic display creatives outperformed their impression share, at each point along a journey; allowing us to optimise budgets across campaigns.
  • Creating and applying a custom attribution model based on data-driven decisions we reduced AdWords CPA by 47%.

Quote from the client

“The GA team were fantastic to work with: driving the agenda with their expertise and our business objectives meant we got a huge amount out of the project, even beyond the actual attribution model. Not only do we now have greater visibility over the path to purchase by product, we now have the ability to make better informed, strategic decisions to optimise channels for the roles we now know they’re playing in the digital marketing mix. The additional analysis we’ve done has also flagged incremental improvements we can make to the usability of our site, plus improved goal tracking and set up in GA generally. We’re really looking forward to putting what we’ve learned into practice and continuing with ongoing improvements and analysis.“

Sarah Yeomans, Digital Acquisitions Manager, Endsleigh Insurance

Download Case Study

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