Making the Leap from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics 360 – and Not Looking Back

eFinancialCareers is the world’s leading financial services careers website. Handling more than 4 million job applications on its site each year from 19 global markets including the UK, US and China.

Understanding the Client's Needs

Several years ago, eFinancialCareers (EFC) were looking to start to use data to drive their decision making. However, they were encountering issues using their web analytics tool of choice, Adobe Analytics, time and time again. Their key issue with the platform was the customer service and support. A time difference with a non-EU support team lead to delays in responses and minimal peer-to-peer support, resulting in small support time thresholds that were too high for their needs. The lack of a consistent support contact also meant issues had to be explained to new consultants in each instance, leading to higher usage of limited and costly support time.

The users at EFC were keen to explore all new features and continue developing their knowledge of the web analytics platform, but the processes at Adobe meant their costly knowledge sharing structure soon became prohibitive and hindered their development internally. In turn, another key focus was to switch to both an analyst and marketer friendly web analytics platform, to ease the bottleneck of analysis requests from marketers to analysts.

Keen to consider other options, they contacted Merkle|Periscopix to harness our knowledge of web analytics platforms.

Choosing a Platform

After exploring the alternative solutions, EFC began the transition by trialling the free version of Google Analytics (GA) with help from Merkle|Periscopix.

In line with their requirements, the primary motivation for opting for GA was due to the sheer volume of high-quality learning material available, including the Analytics Academy modules, Google Help articles, and third-party blogs.

Compared to Adobe, GA offered a far more flexible tracking solution, with the ability to change view structures based on site directories; create rollup properties; and edit tracking setups. In the ever-evolving world of digital, having this efficiently managed on one platform was another great selling point.

Upgrading to Google Analytics 360

Having jump-started their GA knowledge via a series of intensive training sessions, EFC's decision to progress with GA was confirmed. As a result of the increased limits in data collection and interface sampling on offer, they then upgraded to GA 360 and worked collaboratively with Merkle|Periscopix to set up a best-practice implementation.

Knowledge Sharing with EFC

The first step after implementing GA 360 was the planning and building of a detailed set of monthly reports completed in line with EFC's business objectives. After this, they progressed with developing their knowledge of the tool in-house.

Again supported by Merkle|Periscopix, several training sessions were conducted for a variety of in-house teams, including international & domestic job-seeker marketing teams, and client-marketing & product teams. Armed with their new-found knowledge and understanding of GA 360, EFC's marketing team worked with us to create over 750 remarketing audiences. This was the start of a long term vision allowing each team to self-serve their own analytical requests, enabling faster optimisations and reports internally.

Where We Are Today

A focus on attribution for EFC's marketing team means the application of Data-Driven Modelling is in use and they are working with Merkle|Periscopix to enhance marketing and budget decisions going forward. They are also continually seeking opportunities to optimise campaign targeting across AdWords and DoubleClick. The Product team has integrated GA 360 and Google Big Query so that they can begin utilising the raw data provided; for instance by re-imagining user flow.

As a final benefit, now that other teams at EFC are comfortable in self-serving their own web analytics needs, the Analytics team have more time to focus on their own aims, including using their data to drive on-site optimisation.

Quote from the Client

“Back in 2010, exhausted by our Web Analysts platform, we decided to upgrade and officially move from Site Catalyst to Google Analytics 360 which includes a quote of consulting time from a qualified Google Analytics Premium Reseller, such as Merkle|Periscopix. They efficiently audited our tracking, supported our technical team, trained our marketing team, and coached me in data analysis and insights. Since 2012 Google Analytics and Periscopix have enabled eFinancialCareers to, finally, embrace a data-driven exclusive approach to decision making. Merkle|Periscopix are very efficient, responsive and energetic with a passion for data and a genuine interest to their customers’ needs, I couldn’t recommend them more!”

Alessandra Wood, Data Insights & Web Analytics Manager, EFC