eFinancialCareers Boosts Conversions by 423% After Integrating Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager

Handling more than 4 million job applications from 19 global markets on its site each year, eFinancialCareers wanted to make better use of Google Analytics Premium as a strategic aid, not just an analytical tool. Working with Periscopix, a Google Analytics Premium Reseller, eFinancialCareers integrated Google Analytics Premium with DoubleClick Bid Manager to vastly improve its programmatic display remarketing.

Attracting and retaining high-caliber candidates

eFinancialCareers drives prospects to its site through dynamic remarketing ads; the macro on-site conversion is a job application. As it set out to boost the number of job applications coming through the website from programmatic ads, Periscopix decided to gather and analyze behavioral, demographic, and geographic insights about site visit ors to make sure it was attracting and retaining high-calibre candidates. Periscopix set up Event Tracking for multiple page variables to identify the full range of customer groups. Tracked variables included country, job sector, city, company, and job ID number. Following six weeks of data collection and analysis, users were segmented into two main groups: passive and active users.

Passive users have visited eFinancialCareers’ website and may have registered for job updates, but they haven’t viewed or applied for any jobs. These users are interested in jobs even if they haven’t yet applied. Once they are recognized, programmatic remarketing ads can be optimized and targeted to drive them back to the site to apply for vacancies.

Active users have viewed or applied for a job through the site. These users are actively pursuing jobs. Detailed identifiers, such as the job board they applied through and job sector they’re interested in, help eFinancialCareers tailor the content of its dynamic programmatic ads to suit each user.

The Periscopix analytics and programmatic teams used Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager to develop nearly 300 different remarketing lists, adding complex layers of detail within the two passive and active segments.

The lists are now updated and passed automatically to DoubleClick Bid Manager from Google Analytics Premium. This allows remarketing to reach users within the optimum conversion periods and update campaign messaging based on users’ interactions on the site.

The power of together: Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager

Integrating Google Analytics Premium with DoubleClick Bid Manager has been a big success for eFinancialCareers. The company saw a 423% increase in conversion rates for job applications coming through eFinancialCareers’ website from remarketing real-time bidding traffic. At the same time, eFinancialCareers saw a 21% increase in site traffic from real-time bidding campaigns. And it all happened while retaining the high calibre applicants the company wanted most.

Quote from the Client

“Periscopix has helped us shape our global marketing strategy by delivering a great service and insights into what our plans for programmatic should be. It shared insights that convinced us that the right way forward was to integrate Google Analytics Premium with DoubleClick Bid Manager in order to deliver more targeted advertising and to increase our conversion rates, which was in line with our other marketing tactics. As a result, our conversion rates and traffic from RTB have improved drastically.”

- Céline Versavaud-Collet, Global Senior Marketing Manager, eFinancialCareers

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