Google Shopping campaign increases conversions by 322%

APL Packaging is a leading online UK supplier of plain and printed carrier bags, tissue paper, mailing bags, ribbon, packaging and gift boxes which it sells through its online store.

APL Express website


When APL Packaging approached us, they were looking to improve the performance of their Shopping campaign.


We began by working with APL to build its Merchant Feed. This was a crucial step as the information contained within the feed would be displayed in the Shopping results on channels such as Google Shopping.

With the Merchant Feed robustly set up, we worked towards pulling APL's entire product range into the Shopping results.

This initial step had two goals in mind. On the one hand it allowed us to check that the Merchant Feed was generating search volume, and on the other it enabled us to gather insights into which product categories were generating the most quality clicks.

Based on the results attained via our in-house tool, we refined the campaign and distributed the budget to accommodate the best performing areas.


  • 322% increase in Shopping conversions
APL Packaging conversions

The reinvigorated Shopping campaign has encouraged APL Packaging to improve product descriptions and images on their website. These changes have significantly improved conversion rates across APL's entire Search account, highlighting how important it is for ecommerce retailers to have a well thought out, quality merchant feed.

Quote from the client

"Over the past six months we have worked very closely with our Periscopix Account Manager to improve our Google merchant feed. One key change we implemented was to modify the product names and descriptions on our packaging website. These amendments have greatly improved our visibility on Google’s shopping channel and therefore our conversion rates and return on investment have increased too. We are really pleased with the improvements to our products and the results we’ve achieved with our Shopping account. We are excited about working with Periscopix to improve our account further."

Charlotte Stephenson, Business Development Manager, APL Packaging

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