Multi-channel, data-driven testing

Leading into a crucial period for sales, the Merkle | Periscopix Conversion Rate Optimisation team ran a test on three promotional message variants for Anglian with the aim of finding the variant that converts most users. 


  • Drive new enquiries whilst keeping a consistent user experience across all marketing channels.
  • With a limited time allocated to sales, Anglian wanted to understand which offer drove the highest amount of traffic to the site, helping users to enquire.


We developed the following messages:

  • 40% discount off the cost of new doors and windows
  • Save up to £3,000 by using the Anglian Scrappage Scheme 
  • Split the cost into monthly repayments

To keep user experience consistent, we have decided to run a cross-channel A/B/C test.

Merkle | Periscopix brought all media teams together to formulate an implementation strategy. The Programmatic Display, Creative and Paid Social teams worked in collaboration with the Conversion Rate Optimisation team to define the test settings.

Variation 1 (the control) was promoting the finance option, the Scrappage Scheme was emphasised in the Variation 2 and the discount in Variation 3. Every marketing channels had similar messaging and the ad impressions were equally shared across variations.

For the purpose of the test, we worked closely with the Anglian Home paid search team to help them re-organise their account structure.

The Merkle | Periscopix and Anglian Conversion Rate Optimisation teams combined their technical knowledge to align the website creatives to the relevant ad-copy, using VWO, A/B Testing and Conversion Optimisation Platform, to pick up the variation users were bucketed in and dynamically align the messages.


The A/B/C test linked and unified Anglian Homes marketing channels. We created a single customer view from the users’ first touch point to the end of the conversion funnel.

The messages were aligned off-site and on-site and we learned key insights from Anglian Home audiences. The tests results allowed us to react, reiterate and evolve the marketing messages.

  • The A/B/C test ran for 25 days and included 115,000 on-site users.
  • The Scrappage variation reached statistical significance and increased the on-site enquiries by over 5%.
  • Each channel was able to develop their own insights into how the messaging resonated with different audiences and use this to inform an ongoing strategy.
  • The client is now strategically utilising Scrappage Scheme offers moving forward.