By Eshani Bhatt

Find out more about Google's Manufacturer Center and how to use the platform's insights and analytics to boost your shopping strategy.

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What is the Google Manufacturer Center?

The Google Manufacturer Center (GMANC) is a platform for manufacturers to submit accurate, authoritative data about their products in the form of a product feed. Manufacturers can then see aggregated statistics outlining how their products are performing on the SERP across all retailers. The data submitted is also used by Google to influence product characteristics and descriptions shown on the Google Shopping Tab, as well as through other ad formats such as Jackpot Ads.

Why use the Google Manufacturer Center? 

1. Shape how your products are described on Google

Publish authoritative product information for a specific GTIN, which will be used to influence the titles, descriptions and images used for your product across a number of Google ad formats that display seller data from a number of different retailers.

Recently this information was added to the new ‘From The Manufacturer’ section on product detail pages in Google Shopping. This section supports rich media and is an engaging way to show information about your products, alongside visual and video content.

NB: Google have stressed that manufacturers can influence but not control product data. In cases where manufacturer data is worse than retailer data, manufacturers will not automatically override retailer information. 

2. Receive some powerful insights and analytics

In return for submitting product data, Google will provide access to the manufacturer insights suite where manufacturers will be able to find a host of analytics data about their products, including:

  • Traffic based metrics such as clicks, impressions and CTR at GTIN level for their products across all retailers
  • Benchmark traffic metrics calculated from the top 5 volume products within the specified GTINs google product category
  • Top search terms for a SKU - the percentage of clicks or impressions driven by a particular search term and its resulting CTR, which can be used to inform the search keyword strategy for that product
  • Products that are trending up and trending down, according to change in impressions  
  • Top price changes - comparing average price for a single GTIN across multiple retailers. This insight can be used to advise your pricing strategy (if the manufacturer also directly sells its own products), as well as being used to inform the RRP provided to retailers
  • Top products with shared impressions – which products show alongside a product and how frequently do these appear. This can help you evaluate where your products sit amongst similar products by competitors and can give you a sense of how price competitive your product is

Google are continually working on making the platform more user friendly and have mentioned future additions and further insights into consumer behaviour.

N.B. Data can only be manually downloaded from the interface at this stage, which is a drawback for automated reporting. However, as this data is available to export, we can map Google Ads data together with Google Manufacturer Center data.

This will enable us to see insights such as what percentage of impressions our client’s ads are receiving versus the product’s total impressions. We could equally map what search queries triggered our products through retailers shopping results but not our own. 

These insights can help us to improve our own feed content in order to appear for additional relevant searches and could also help shape search keyword coverage.

Google Manufacturer Center insights

What sort of client is the Manufacturer Center useful for?

Manufacturer clients who have multiple retailers selling their products. To be eligible for the analytics element of the tool, you need at least 5 retailers selling your product. While the Manufacturer Center was initially launched in 2015 specifically for manufacturers, in the medium-term Google are looking to align this with the Google Merchant Center (GMC). 

How to set up Manufacturer Center

Clients can set up the platform directly or via a data partner. A feed is required and each product must have an assigned GTIN.

The core requirements for the GMANC feed are similar to those for the GMC, so you can use the same feed across both. However, there are opportunities to add extra information to your Manufacturer Center feed via additional attributes such as the scent attribute which is a nice bonus if you are in the beauty industry, for example. 

The GMANC is a great platform to support your shopping activity through product analytics and retailer insights and gives manufacturers the ability to submit key information about their products. 

Get in touch with the team if you think this could help your business!