By Claire Whitehair

With the promotion of apps becoming more important for businesses to connect with customers, it is vital to stay on top of different methods we can use to get people downloading. Following on from Rob's blog about App Promotion ads, I will be providing an overview of another three great methods to promote your app.

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Promoting Your App Within Other Apps

Mobile Display Campaigns are the perfect way to target people who are already using apps similar to yours. It is possible to target all apps, specific apps of your choice or chosen categories. Choosing a category relevant to the app that you are promoting enables you to display your ad within related apps. For instance, if you were trying to increase downloads of your new clothing app, you may want to target the Fashion & Style category within each app store. There are loads of categories to target, enabling you to show your ad to people who are more likely to have an interest in what your app has to offer. It's even possible to choose either an app promotion text or image ad:

Showing your app icon alongside ad text highlighting a USP or displaying an image banner to encourage downloads is another option that can be tested to work out what generates the highest number of downloads.


Google have also announced recently that they are enabling app installs as an addition to the current True View features available on YouTube. People will be encouraged to download apps related to videos that they are watching.

True View ads have been shown to be 76% more likely to drive relevant search behaviour. In addition to this, it is #1 in reaching 18-34 year olds compared to all cable networks. This makes YouTube a great platform to engage a huge audience with your ad much more effectively and drive more downloads as well as app reengagements.


A final method for you to promote your app is on Facebook. With hundreds of millions of people using Facebook every day, it makes it a great place to target people with ads, particularly app promotional ads. With just one click you can direct people to the App Store and Google Play at the time when they are most engaged – in their news feed.

Choosing the right audience is a great feature of Facebook allowing you to target people who have visited your website, converted, or those who have already downloaded your app. You can then target or exclude these audiences as you wish. Customising your ad with a specific messaging and images for different audiences can ensure that your ad is eye catching with the most appropriate USPs highlighted immediately.

One great feature about all of the above methods of advertising your app is that measuring the performance of downloads and learning about your audiences can be investigated. Once you know more about your current audiences, increasing app downloads and connecting with more customers everyday will get easier and easier.

All of this in turn leads to one thing: a more successful business!

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