By Madelaine Smith

What are the differences between Seller, Product & Customer Ratings? How can they improve your ads? With this simple guide to online rating you’ll be showing off your gold star services and racking up your clicks in no time.

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We know it’s a hard world for online rating. With so many services, products and sellers out there, customers could cheat on their beloved supplier for one with a better looking 4-star ad. With your confidence knocked, how could you ever sell again? 

Pull yourself together! You know you have the best-looking ads out there and your customers trust and adore you. You’d never let them down and they know it, so why don’t you show it? With seller, product and customer ratings you can prove just how wonderful you are and secure a long, healthy, happy relationship with your customers.

Seller Ratings

If you’re a firm friend of Feefo, Trustpilot, Reevoo or any of the other Google-approved review website, seller ratings could help you achieve your desired ad makeover. In a nutshell, seller ratings reflect your customers’ general experience with your business or services. With these ratings, existing customers can be reassured how much of a great time you showed them and new customers will be enticed by just how attractive and encouraging those stars make your services look.

But what about negative reviews? Not to worry, Google will only show ratings of 3.5-stars and higher, and only once you’ve received over 150 unique reviews in the last 12 months, so you can rest at ease that no one will be scared off by any past mistakes.

Have a great third-party review too? Try Adding Third Party Reviews to Your Search Ads.

Seller ratings

Customer Ratings

Like seller ratings, customer ratings display a score of your industry-specific services as rated by your customers, this time on a scale of 1-10. One or more of your best ratings will be eligible to show, meaning the best parts of your business can be shown off for all to see. Customer ratings unfortunately do not show on tablets or mobiles, so if you’re attracted to a more millennial on-the-go customer then you may have to utilise some other rating types as well to target your audience.

Customer ratings can really boost your business (and ego!) as you can show off your best qualities to customers based on your past customer relationships. By offering some peer perspective on specific industry services, you could seriously boost your click through rate and conversions. And better still, with every click and every conversion you could be winning more positive reviews from new customers, meaning even more reliable feedback from varied sources.

Again, don’t panic about your exes, only your best scores will be shown and better still, if your customers want to see more of how great you are they can click on the ratings themselves to see exactly what people think of your business.

Customer ratings

Product Ratings

Whereas customer and seller ratings apply to search ads, product ratings are shown on shopping ads as a 5-star rating based on previous reviews from buyers. With product ratings, you can be even more granular with how customers perceive your business as individual products are rated as opposed to your business or overall services. These ratings consist of a combination of ratings and reviews of the product in question, collated from multiple sources including third party reviewers, editorial websites and customers themselves.

Again, Google won’t let you down with unjustified product reviews (not that you’d have any!). Google will only flirt your wares when you have a minimum of 50 reviews across all products, and at least three reviews for star ratings per product in order to show on the shopping ad. However, fewer than three reviews can be eligible to show on the Shopping property itself.

Product ratings

So, there you have it, three great ways of showing how viewers feel about you and your business using Google Search and Shopping Ads. These extensions could really boost your business’s self-esteem and help you to attract Mr. and Mrs. right. 

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