By Mylene Curie

We take a look at Google's much-awaited metric, Active View, which allows viewable CPM bidding on the display network.

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Google has rolled out a much-awaited metric called Active View (display network viewable CPM bidding), providing display advertisers with additional granularity and much more detailed insights into their ads' accountability.

Real vs Served impressions

Traditional “served” impressions are recorded by ad servers regardless of whether the ad was fully loaded or displayed in the actual viewable space. The truth is, Google can’t always guarantee on-screen impressions, making overall impression volumes a bit worthless. Therefore, how do you actually assess the reach, frequency and efficiency of one of your ads?

The Active View metrics address those issues.

Active View allows advertisers to findout whether the ad was actually viewed, partially or entirely, giving them more insights on purchase intent and brand awareness. This means the data is much more actionable as you only pay for ads that are viewable. You know you’ve captured the user’s attention and this is what truly matters. You can now optimise towards ad efficiency, viewability and scalability, and make more precise bidding and strategic changes to your campaigns.

How does Google count active views?

Ads are deemed viewable when at least 50% of the ad is visible on screen for a minimum of one second. This information is captured by a JavaScript tag specifically designed to calculate the cumulative time an ad has been viewed.

Accessing these metrics in the AdWords interface

If you would like to enable viewable CPM, go to your campaign settings and select the “Focus on impressions” option under “Bidding and Budget”, then tick the following checkbox: “Enable viewable CPM”.

Enable viewable CPM

The viewable impressions, CTR and average CPM can be accessed simply by updating the custom columns. These metrics are located within the Performance (Active View) metrics group and can show alongside standard impression metrics.

Active View metrics

In order to access this data, advertisers are required to use a CPM bidding strategy and target the Display Network only. This data won’t show for advertisers using a CPC model.

  • Active View viewable impressions: the number of times the ad appears on-screen for at least one second.
  • Active View viewable CTRs: the clickthrough rates on viewable ads.
  • Active View average CPM: the average cost per 1000 Active impressions.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Active View reporting and display strategies.

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