By Yikai Wang

Google Analytics rolled out a powerful new machine learning feature: Session Quality, which can be used for reporting, remarketing and site optimisation. This article explores the capabilities of this new feature. 

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Google Analytics has rolled out its third machine learning feature: Session Quality. Similar to Smart Lists and Smart Goals, Session Quality scores are generated by GA automatically based on the evaluation results of each session’s site engagement. However, this score measures the proximity to eCommerce conversion specifically. The value of this metric ranges from 1 to 100, a value of 1 indicates the lowest session quality, 100 the highest. 

What do you get?

A new report and two new metrics were added into all GA views.

The ‘Session Score’ report sits under ‘Audience’ -> ‘Behaviour’:

Session Quality Report

In this report, 1) There are three metrics listed on the top of the report: ‘sessions’, ‘sessions with transactions’ and ‘sessions without transactions’. This is an overview of the eCommerce status of the site.

2) Session Quality is broken down to 5 score ranges (1, 3-5, 6-20, 21-50, 51-100 respectively) in the second graph. The three eCommerce session metrics are reported for each score range. The score ranges can be broken down further by clicking onto the plus icon next to the score range. The icon on the right of each score range is used for creating a segment for the corresponding score range. 

Session Quality buckets

The below window will be brought up by clicking onto the segments icon: 

Create a Session Quality segment

3) The third graph is a channel analysis table using default channel grouping including the Avg. Session Quality metric of each channel. Like the default channel grouping reports, you can change the primary dimensions and/or apply secondary dimensions to this report. You can also drill down to next dimension hierarchy.

Avg.Session Quality

Two new metrics: Session Quality and Avg. Session Quality are available in GA. As illustrated above, both metrics are reported in the Session Quality report.

Session Quality is assigned to each session; this metric can also be used as a session level metric in creating segments and remarketing lists. Avg. Session Quality is calculated for the sessions involved in a dimension, and can therefore be used in a custom report for any session level dimension.  

What do you need?

Firstly, you need to make sure that eCommerce conversion tracking is correctly set up.

Secondly, at least 30 days of a minimum of 1000 eCommerce transactions per month is required for calculating the metrics. 

A powerful tool moving forward

From a reporting perspective, this feature adds another layer of performance benchmarking for session-level analysis. From an integration perspective, combining Session Quality with enhanced eCommerce or other performance metrics offers more options for segmenting your audiences, which can then be imported into AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager (with Analytics 360) for remarketing, and/or to Optimize 360 for A/B Testing & site optimisation. As always, if you fancy a hand in leveraging this powerful new feature, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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