By Shahina Meru

Google announces that Optimize, their A/B testing and personalisation tool, is now available for everyone for free! Take advantage of Optimize’s easy-to-use, yet super powerful feature set to start optimising your website today.

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Today, Google announced that their A/B testing and personalisation tool, Optimize, is now available for everyone for free!  Yes you heard right, if you are looking to optimise your onsite customer experience, or want to take a stab at the new tool, you can jump straight in.

Another exciting point is that both Optimize and the enterprise-level version, Optimize 360 are out of beta today.

Need help with getting started with Optimize? Or want some advice on your CRO program? Get in touch with our Certified Optimize specialists.

Why should I get it?

Understanding your users is great; but giving them a better, more personalised experience on site is what we should be striving for.  Optimize’s powerful feature set allows you to do just that.  Easily target users based on where they’ve come from, their location or the device they're using. Get really specific and create a customised experience based on your dataLayer variables, such as logged in status or customer LTV.

Creating bespoke experiences for different users couldn’t get any easier with Optimize’s WYSIWYG visual editor. Just point, click and change. Of course, for those of you looking for something a bit more advanced, you will have the ability to change HTML/CSS as well as add JavaScript for each variation.

Measuring the success of your efforts also comes with ease.  As Optimize is natively integrated with Google Analytics, you will be able to leverage the goals and key metrics you have in GA to measure the success of your experiment against your website goals.  On top of this, Optimize specific custom dimensions and reports are available in GA for you to be able to glean insights post experimentation without any required setup.

Check out our previous blog for a deeper look into the tool, or get in touch and talk to us about how Optimize can help you in your optimisation/personalisation efforts.

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