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Continuing an annual tradition I’m going to ease you into the New Year with a roundup of our most popular blog articles from the last 12 months. Think of it as a late Christmas present (you’re welcome).

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It has been another fantastic year for Periscopix and certainly a newsworthy one. In May we were acquired by US-based performance marketing agency Merkle, significantly expanding their presence in the UK and Europe. We are now part of a global marketing agency with offices across the United States and China.

For the second year running we were ranked as one of The Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For in the UK, this year being placed 11th. We also won a string of awards including Best Large Agency at the European Search Awards, five Online Retail Awards and three eCommerce Awards for Excellence. We ended 2015 ranked as the Most Awarded Agency by The Drum.

Our Analytics team were also proud winners of the Google Analytics Premium Resellers Hackathon where they developed some creative uses for linking GA up to a range of different devices with the measurement protocol.

The Blogs

For the third year running the most popular blog on our site was Jeff’s simple cookie notification solution, written back in 2012 when the EU cookie legislation came into effect.

As I did last year, I’m going to start off by listing the top 15 articles from our website than were written in 2015, ranked by pageviews, before looking at a selection of articles our authors have published on external websites. Let’s dive in…

From the Periscopix blog

  1. Post Click vs Post View: The Benefits of Looking at All Conversions – Nick Pilling

    Unravelling some of the mysteries of attribution in display advertising, Nick looks at the role of impressions and clicks in the conversion funnel and discusses solutions for understanding the full value of your various marketing channels.

  2. Google’s Customer Match: Here’s What you Need to Know – Emma Shimmens

    Probably Google’s most important AdWords feature release of 2015, Emma gives us an overview of Customer Match and explains how we can start using email lists to target our advertising.

  3. Top Five Reasons to Use DoubleClick Search – Katherine Sale

    DoubleClick Search (DS) is quickly becoming one of our favourite marketing products. Kat outlines her top five reasons why DS will make your account management easier and improve performance.

  4. New GTM Trigger Condition: Matches CSS Selector – Yikai Wang

    Yikai walks us through this new feature of Google Tag Manager that allows you to easily target any element from your website, discussing both how it can help you and a few of its limitations.

  5. Yahoo Gemini Native Ads – Jessica Hodgson

    A great introduction to Yahoo’s native advertising solution, Jess explains what you can do with Gemini ads and shows how to set up your first campaign.

  6. Whitepaper: The Impact of Black Friday & Cyber Monday on Online Sales – Rebekah Schelfhout

    Black Friday has become huge in the UK in the last few years. In this whitepaper, Becky looks at recent search trends and analyses campaign data across different verticals, offering suggestions for making the most of this period in the future.

  7. All Visitors Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others: AdWords Referrer URL Remarketing Lists – Jocelyn Le Conte

    Jocelyn offers a great solution for anyone running multiple marketing campaigns, showing you how to segment your remarketing lists and optimise campaigns using the website referrer URL.

  8. Audience Targeting With Lookalike Modelling – Jessica Maunder

    We love using lookalike modelling in DoubleClick Bid Manager. Here, Jess shows us how we use it to improve programmatic campaigns by finding new audience opportunities.

  9. What is Enhanced Ecommerce? An Introduction to Google Analytics’ New Ecommerce Reports – Edgar Mason

    Ed reveals what’s new in the Enhanced Ecommerce reports, takes a detailed look at each report type and shows how to enable the feature in your GA account.
  10. PMPs Unwrapped – Josie Anderson

    Private Marketplace Publisher opportunities hugely expanded in 2015. Josie’s blog exaplins why you should find a place for premium PMPs in your programmatic display strategy.

  11. Currency Conversion from AdWords to Google Analytics – Ramon Fernandez

    If you run AdWords campaigns in different countries, across different accounts and in different currencies, this blog will show you how to make sure that your GA account correctly shows data from these campaigns in the same currency, allowing you to correctly analyse performance in a single Analytics view.

  12. Bing’s Latest Offering: Universal Event Tracking – Laura Collins

    One of Bing Ads’ most important releases this year, UET allows us to record conversions and generate remarketing lists using a single piece of code. Laura shows what it can do and takes us through the setup procedure.

  13. How to Measure Your YouTube Success – Anna Shirley

    YouTube isn’t just a great time-waster; subscribed channels feature unique content that is the perfect way to reach your target audience. Anna looks at the key metrics you should consider when evaluating your AdWords for Video campaigns.

  14. The Missing Piece of Your PPC Optimisation Puzzle – Oliver Walker

    Olly’s article mixes in both PPC and Analytics in a way that we love, highlighting a few key PPC optimisation strategies and detailing another that’s often forgotten: landing page optimisation.

  15. Attribution’s Next Top Model – Harriet Checkley

    A topic that seems to have leapt into the mainstream this year, and rightly so, attribution modelling is key to understanding your marketing performance. Harriet introduces us to the various models we have available and shows when each one might be useful.

Some of our most read articles in 2015 were actually written in 2014 but too late to generate enough traffic to make it into last year’s blog roundup, so I’d also like to highlight four of those below.

Two of these were programmatic blogs written by Sergio Lopez. The first, Audience Segmentation vs Ad Rotation, shows how campaign structure plays an important role in the success of your advertising campaigns. The second, Display: A World Full of Acronyms, describes the meanings of an extensive list of acronyms used in the world of Real-Time Bidding (RTB!).

The other two were both search blogs. Following up her previous article which looked at the popular question of whether or not you should bid on your competitors’ brand terms, Nancy looked at another of the most asked questions in pay per click: How To Calculate Your Bid Adjustments in AdWords. Not wanting to ignore Bing Ads, because it generates a lot of great quality traffic for our clients, Katie gave us a complete guide to Bing Ads extensions. Expect an update to this one very soon.

From around the web

  1. How Data Helps Luxury Brands Tell Better Stories – Liz Rutgersson

    Liz discusses the importance of data and how knowing as much as possible about your audience can improve your return on investment.

  2. Appearing Multiple Times In Google Shopping: The Pros & Cons – Rebekah Schelfhout

    Along with input from other experts in the marketing industry, Becky talks about why you might want appear more than once in the Google Shopping listings for a given search.

  3. Concatenate: The Ultimate Excel Function for Managing PPC Campaigns – Helena Clark

    Helena shows us her favourite Excel function and explains how it can make managing and reporting on PPC campaigns much easier.

  4. Sow the seeds of good data and harvest later – Oliver Walker

    We know the importance of data for managing and improving your marketing spend. Here, Olly shows us the importance of correctly structuring this data in order to gain useful insights.

  5. Create Your Own Display Audiences With Custom Affinity Segments – Laura Collins

    An introduction to using Custom Affinity Segments on the Google Display Network, Laura explains why and how to use these in your display campaigns.

  6. Optimizing Your Brand Performance on Shopping Ads – Helena Clark

    Helena shows us how you can take full control over search queries and bids in your Google Shopping campaigns in order to bid differently for brand searches and generics and supercharge performance.

  7. 10 Top Retargeting Tips For AdWords Users – Rebekah Schelfhout

    Make the most of your remarketing efforts with these top tips from Becky, based on a talk she gave at SMX London.

  8. TrueView For Shopping: Making YouTube The Next Big Shopping Destination – Laura Collins

    Want to enhance your video ads? Here, Laura discusses the impact that TrueView for Shopping has had on client shopping campaigns.

  9. 5 Ways to Target Email Users With Display Ads – Liz Rutgersson

    Liz discusses five options for display targeting within email environments, looking at the highlights and consideration points for each.

  10. 10 Common Mistakes When Setting Up Audiences In AdWords – Rebekah Schelfhout

    Are you building audiences in AdWords correctly? Becky describes ten common mistakes and explains how to avoid them.

That should give you plenty to be getting on with over the next few days and weeks. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to keep up date with all of our latest blog posts. Here's to a successful 2016!

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