• Campaign Manager and Attribution: How to set up a Data-Driven Model

    By Chiara and Sofia in Display, Attribution

    With Attribution becoming fundamental in driving maximum return on investment it is now important to understand what the best setting is to get the most useful insights from your data. If you’re using Campaign Manager for your reporting, you should definitely set up a DDAM. Here’s how.

  • PPC Promotions: A How To Guide

    By Eshani in Search

    Running promotional activity, particularly in verticals such as retail and e-commerce, is part of the day-to-day running of a paid search account. This blog will cover the different ways promotional activity can be supported through PPC and will provide you with some top tips to make sure your promotion packs a punch.

  • Merkle | Periscopix celebrates it’s first month in Edinburgh

    By Vivien in Search, Digital Analytics, Culture

    It has been a month since our Edinburgh office opened. Edinburgh’s strong economy, access to talent, mature financial services sector and growing reputation as an international tech hub makes the city a good fit for our evidence led and performance focused digital marketing proposition.

  • 6 Tips for Creating Social Videos

    By Jordan in Creative, Video, Facebook

    In this post we’ll be exploring 6 top tips that you should consider before launching video on social platforms. It’s predicted that by 2020 over 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from online videos, so video in digital marketing is only expected to continue its domination throughout 2019.

  • Google’s Brand Lift for YouTube: The Only Way is Up

    By James in Display, Video

    Investing in video creative can be a costly undertaking, so it stands to reason that close attention is paid to the outcomes of running a YouTube campaign. This blog will delve into Google’s Brand Lift offering and how it can help paint the whole picture of campaign performance.

  • What Are Facebook Relevance Scores & How To Improve Them

    By Joshua and Sasha in Social, Facebook

    Although not quite a KPI, relevance scores shouldn’t be forgotten. Simply put, Facebook is showing you how relevant your ad is. Here’s an explanation of how relevance score is calculated, its relationship to performance and how you can improve it.

  • HTTPS Everywhere: The "Not Secure" Message in Chrome and How to Fix it

    By Charlie in Search

    Google’s message here is clearly: if your users aren’t safe, neither is your brand. Migrate to safety with the help of Periscopix’s expert SEO team.

  • A Guide to TrueView for Action Video Campaigns

    By Laura in Video

    If you’re looking for opportunities to convert YouTube viewers to customers, the newly-released ad format, TrueView for Action, will drive on-site actions at your desired CPA. Here, we explore some key points to consider before creating your campaign, from conversion tracking to choosing your CPA target.

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