By Olivia Hogg

One of the key benefits of display advertising is the ability to target core audience lists to show your ads to the right consumers. However, with digital ad spend increasing exponentially, competition in reaching these users has also increased. This means that we not only need to target the right consumers but we need to target the right consumers at the right time.

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This new strategy coined ‘moment marketing’ allows us to connect with users in moments that matter, so that we can deliver meaningful advertising which delivers stronger results.

Merkle | Periscopix see there being 3 main ways of utilising this innovative technology:

  1. Weather responsive messaging
  2. TV scheduling alignment
  3. Live Event alignment

1) Weather Responsive Messaging

Let’s look at how we can sync up creative messaging to the volatile UK weather, which can be very effective for a retailer who sells weather dependent products! This strategy has been adopted for one of our retail clients to capitalise on the variety of products that they offer (Heaters, Stoves etc.). In Winter, we built out an extreme weather campaign which was triggered when the outside temperature dropped or it started snowing outside (see Fig.1). The aim of this campaign was to drive return on ad spend (ROAS) by encouraging users to go to our client’s site as they offer a variety of products to make your home cosy for Winter. We hand-picked relevant audience targeting to ensure we were reaching the right consumers and served a specific ad with relevant messaging to encourage people to purchase. Overall the results were very strong, we generated a return on ad spend of 9.47 with the East of England generating the highest of all the UK regions, possibly due to it’s susceptibility to the cold! By synchronising our campaign in real-time we were able to address the relevant audience at exactly the right time and as a result we reaped the rewards for our client.

 Fig 1. How we utilised moment marketing to target consumers during the winter cold.

Moment marketing

2) TV Scheduling Alignment

We can also align TV schedules with our display ads so that our activity is switched on shortly after a TV program or advert is shown. This innovative technology allows us to capture our target audience in key moments where they are exhilarated and more likely to convert. Take the FA Cup final for example, millions of people engage with the coverage across TV and radio every year. Syncing display advertising with breaks in the coverage or immediately after the match could be invaluable for, say, a sports clothing brand. People who are watching the match are likely to be thinking about their own sporting habits and may be more susceptible to clicking on an ad and making a purchase. By showing ads with relevant and consistent messaging we can capitalise on this exciting technology to drive conversions and performance for our clients. 

3) Live Event Alignment

Another clever strategy involving ‘moment marketing’ is the ability to sync display campaigns with live events. For example, say a famous actor is nominated for an Oscar and a film production company wants to take advantage of this, we can sync with this so that our display campaign is triggered to turn on when the Oscars is live. Utilising this strategy allows us to make the most of spectator anticipation as the event unfolds therefore driving engagement when it matters most.  

Overall, ‘moment marketing’ provides the perfect opportunity to align display advertising with key moments to deliver high impact results. We can choose different triggers depending on the message you are trying to deliver and we can overlay specific audiences to ensure we are always reaching the right consumers.

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