By Shahina Meru and Dan Jennings

In keeping with our continuous drive for excellence, we are proud to announce that Merkle | Periscopix are officially the first agency in the UK to be certified in Optimize 360 and Data Studio 360.

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With the release of the Google Analytics 360 Suite in April 2016, we have been working hard to ensure that we are the pinnacle of knowledge for these tools.  For both Optimize and Data Studio, the certification process includes an exam and a demonstration of our advanced capabilities with the tools through a case study. We were thrilled to have passed with flying colours!

What is Optimize 360?

Optimize 360 is Google’s latest website testing and personalisation platform. With its tight integration with Google Analytics, this tool leverages your data to give you the power to achieve data-driven optimisation.  The native integration between the two, means that you can create personalised experiences by using the segments you have already discovered in GA.  With its effortless setup and easy-to-use editor, Optimize makes it super easy to change just about anything on your site.  Along with the Optimize Reporting interface, all experiment data is fed back into GA, where you can determine the impact of your changes on user behaviour. 

What is Data Studio 360?

Google’s new reporting tool, Data Studio 360, is an integrated reporting platform that aims to cure the troubles that may have been encountered with Google Sheets and GA Dashboards by being flexible, intuitive and by giving quick results. 

The truly powerful thing about Data Studio 360 comes down to the connections and how they work. Not only are connections to Google Analytics possible in a matter of clicks, but the tight integrations between the two tools means that the amount and quality of data is much greater than that of other data visualisation tools when it comes to visualising your GA data. Data Studio doesn’t stop there though, with eight types of data source to connect to, you’re now able to visualise different data sets in the same place. With Adwords, Google Sheets and BigQuery (to name a few), Data Studio offers a great deal of flexibility and the list of different connections is only getting bigger. 

If you are looking for support, or just some advice in any of the 360 products, please get in touch with our experts.